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Jacob Mendez

“First love”, episode 3789, 3790: Marysia in a hopeless situation

“First Love” is a Polish series that is extremely popular. It tells the story of Marysia, who two decades ago came to the big city to pursue her dreams. Today, she is a valued doctor and Julka's mother, she has faithful friends and a fiancé. The action of the Polsat series takes place in Wrocław and Wadlewo. It concerns the fate of Marysia, her family and friends, as well as enemies. In the series, alongside the everyday adventures of the characters, there are dramatic events. What will happen in the episode? 3789 and 3790 “First Love”?

In episode 3789 of the series “First Love”, Kalina is stressed about buying an apartment. Sandra convinces her that after what Oskar did to their company, he cannot be fully trusted. Meanwhile, Krystian meets with Oliwka. His ex-girlfriend has a proposition for him that will help him gain custody of Marlenka.

Artur, in turn, is delighted with the rural life in Wadlewo. Roman takes advantage of this, cleverly giving him his responsibilities. The question remains whether Artur's enthusiasm is just straw or whether he is actually fed up with life in the big city.

However, Marysia loses hope of getting Kacper back. He must tell Emilka and Bartek a difficult decision.

In turn, Kinga and Janek forgot to order the dream cake for Maciek's birthday. Buying it at the last minute is almost impossible. Eventually, however, it turns out that they know someone who can make it easier for them. The party seems saved. Despite this, Maciek will not remember his birthday fondly.

In episode 3790 of “First Love”, Kulas is still haunted by the poacher case.. He recognizes that there is no point in counting on law enforcement agencies. In this situation, he decides to continue acting on his own. Therefore, Aniela comes up with a new idea on how to discover the identity of the criminal.

Meanwhile, Kalina and Oliwka's conflict escalates. In this situation, Oskar must ask Karol for help. Oskar and Kalina hope that moving to a new apartment will be their salvation. However, it quickly turns out that even there, more surprises await Oskar and Kalina.

On the other hand Kinga tries to convince her mother to give her father another chance. Finally, Teresa and Marek confront each other. This one will end in a way that no one expected.

“First Love” can be watched on Polsat TV from Monday to Friday at 6:00 p.m. Each episode lasts 33 minutes. Here are the broadcast days of the episodes summarized above:

  • “First love”, episode 3789 – Thursday, April 4, 2024;
  • “First love”, episode 3790 – Friday, April 5, 2024.

You can catch up on overdue episodes on the Polsat Go platform.

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