Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Anthony Mackie gets candid about working with Marvel. Strong words from Captain America

Mackie admitted that Marvel superheroes are characters that have been developed for decades, so as an actor he cannot contribute as much to their creation as he would like. “There's not much more you can do,” he said.

He compared Wilson to John Doe, the character he played in the TV series adaptation of the video game “Twisted Metal”. “In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can be less creative because Stan Lee (the creator of many comic book heroes) gave us so much material. Whereas (in ‘Twisted Metal’) the only certainty was: ‘We have a boy and a girl’. And we had to build something around it,” Mackie said.

In his opinion, Doe was a blank slate, so he could have more fun with the role. The only guideline was to maintain the atmosphere of the video games that were the prototype of the production.

Mackie believes that “being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an interesting balancing act between something already established and something ‘from myself'” However, with “Twisted Metal” the rule was “Let's have fun and we'll figure it out along the way.”

Mackie first played Captain America in the finale of the miniseries “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” “Brave New World” will be the first cinematic film in which he will appear in the costume of this superhero.

Apart from him, the cast included Danny Ramirez, Carl Lumby, Tim Blake Nelson, Shira Haas, Liv Tyler and Harrison Ford, who took over the role of General Thaddeus Ross after the late William Hurt.

Directed by Julius Onah. The premiere was announced for February 14, 2025.