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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episodes 2965-2966. He urgently needs help. She can’t cope on her own

In episode 2965, Kasia will ask Waleria to take Ksawery (Bartosz Gruchot) to the cinema and for ice cream, and she will go to Basia, where Łukasz will be waiting for her.

– We need to talk about Waleria – Grzelakova will tell Sadowski and add that she called Norway and learned disturbing things from her new roommate’s son.

– Bartek said that Waleria has been isolating herself from people for some time. He avoids meetings with larger groups, he says.

Kasia will begin to suspect that Stefan’s widow is depressed.

– However, her father’s death hit her harder than it seemed – she sighs.

– Waleria must find a new purpose in life – says Łukasz.

Basia will remind Sadowski that it is not easy for people like her and Waleria to find new goals.

– She must believe that she still has something to do – Łukasz will make it clear.

– But what? Because you know… for example, I have a company, even two. I have things to do. But I don’t have a goal as such. It’s difficult at our age, Basia admits.

Kaśka promises that she will do everything in her power to make Waleria feel needed.

– Taking care of your grandson is not enough. She has this also at home, in Norway – Łukasz will remind her.

A few hours later, Waleria will take Ksawery home. The boy will immediately tell Kasia that grandma has been there all day “kind of weird”: she fell asleep in the cinema, she told him the same story three times…

– She should go to the doctor – he says.

Meanwhile, Waleria, returning to Basia, will reflect and forget about the whole world. She won’t notice the approaching bus and will step into the street as if she wanted to get right under its wheels.

Fortunately, nothing will happen to Waleria. She will only be even more irritated than before “accident”which makes Basia very worried.

– She walked around the house half the night, she couldn’t sleep after what happened – Grzelakowa will tell Tolek (Marek Siudym).

Koszyk – because he was the one behind the wheel of the car and it was a miracle that he didn’t hit his ex-wife – will tell Basia how the incident happened.

– I was taking employees away in my bus and out of the blue Waleria ran into the road. I drove slowly, because if I had been rushing around the estate like some pirates, I fear to think what would have happened – I would have gotten angry.

At the same moment, Waleria appears at the kitchen door. She will announce that she has to go get Ksawery because she promised Kasia that she would take care of him after school. It turns out, however, that Sadowska did not ask her to take her son away.

We reveal that Waleria will finally admit that she cannot cope with herself and that she is falling into apathy.

– The truth is that when I wake up, I only dream that it will be evening and I can go to bed again – she admits in a conversation with Basia.

Will Waleria admit that she is depressed? Will she accept the help offered by her loved ones? Will he decide to see a psychiatrist?

For the broadcast of the 2965th episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Wednesday, March 20 at 8:10 p.m. The 2966th episode of Dwójka is scheduled to be broadcast on Thursday, March 21, also at 8:10 p.m.