Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Shakin’ Dudi returns with a new single. After eight years

Team Shakin’ Dudi needs no introduction. These are artists known for decades. This year the band celebrates its 40th anniversary. On this occasion, she decided to release an album. Premiere in autumn, during Rawa Blues Festival. The publishing house promotes the first single in eight years, “Terminator”. The words were written by Darek Dusza and the music was composed by Irek Dudek.

– Darek and I are sensitive to what is happening in society now. It’s always been like that. 40 years ago we dealt with seemingly ridiculous mattersbut there were also political allusions in our music – says Irek Dudek in an interview with Interia.

It was also written for the song music videowhich will also premiere on March 1 at the symbolic time of 12:50 (at ten to three).

Recordings in which they participated: Irek Dudek (vocals, harmonica), Darek Dusza (guitar), Tomasz Pala (piano), Łukasz Sosna (saxophone), Bartek Stuchlik (double bass) and Damian Drzymała (drums) took place in January this year in the studio Radio Katowice.

Watch the entire conversation below:

Shakin’ Dudi has to his credit five studio albums. Latest single titled “Wisimito” was released in January 2016.