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Jacob Mendez

Sandra Drzymalska about “White Courage”. Bronka fascinated and inspired me

What is the movie about?White courage“? The end of the 1930s in Podhale. A mountaineer, a descendant of a highlander family, Jędrek Zawrat likes life on the edge. When he climbs, he chooses the most difficult paths, when he loves, he is ready to sacrifice everything. His chosen one is the beautiful Bronka. As a result of a family decision, the girl’s hand is given to the older of the Zawrat brothers, the staid Maciek. Jędrek leaves his hometown to seek oblivion among the Krakow bohemia.

On his way, the man meets a German scientist and mountaineer, Wolfram, who spreads the theory that the highlanders come from the ancient Germanic tribe of the Pragues. When war breaks out, the Germans offer cooperation to the inhabitants of Podhale. Maciej Zawrat – supported by many prominent families – strongly rejects this proposal. However, convinced by Wolfram, Jędrek, hoping to regain his beloved and save his community from the destruction of war, cooperates.

Starring: Filip Pławiak (“Chyłka”), Jakub Gierszał (“The Best”), Sandra Drzymalska (“IO”), Julian Świeżewski (“Filip”), Adam Woronowicz (“In-Laws”), Andrzej Konopka (“The Peasants”) and Wiktoria Gorodecka (“Doppelgänger. Doppelgänger”).

The production budget amounted to over PLN 16 million. “White Courage” will hit theaters on March 8, 2024.

Sandra Drzymalska in the film “White Courage” plays Bronka – Jędrek’s beloved, who, by the decision of the elders, must marry his older brother, Maciek. Against her will, she is married off, but over the years her character develops and she becomes brave and steadfast.

It turns out that Drzymalska was offered to star in the film… 3 years ago.

“Three years ago I was offered the role of Bronka by… Marcin Koszałka. As soon as I read the script, Bronka immediately fascinated me and inspired me with her complexity, non-obviousness and layering,” she said in an interview with Interia, adding: “Bronka is an amazing character who allowed me to discover myself in some way.”

The actress admitted that Bronka’s creation is the result of working together on the set, which she calls “a beautiful time, full of great enthusiasm, creativity, but also courage.” Sandra Drzymalska does not hide the fact that the final effect of the film made a huge impression on her.

“When I saw this film for the first time, I was speechless for 15 minutes. (…) It moved me very much, I was very impressed by all my actor colleagues. I didn’t expect it to be such a beautiful and spectacular film,” she confessed.

Sandra Drzymalska made her screen debut while still studying acting at the State Theater School. Ludwik Solski in Krakow. In 2015, she appeared in “Letters to M. 2”; a year later – “Strażaki”, “Szadzia”, ​​”Belfra” and for a while in “Smolensk”.

At the “Młodzi i Film” Film Debut Festival in 2017, her role in the etude “Jest really extra” was appreciated – she received an award for “personality and talent shining from the screen”. She was also awarded for her role in the Polish-Italian film Sole, and in 2020 – she received two statuettes for “The Last Komers” and “Everyone Has Their Summer”. Both at the Gdynia Film Festival.

She also began to appear in other productions – viewers could see her in “Ultraviolet”, “Amok”, the Polsat series “Mental”, “#bringbackAlice”, the third part of “Psy” and “Najmro. She loves, steals, respects”. The greatest film success was the story about a donkey, i.e. the Oscar-nominated “IO” directed by Jerzy Skolimowski.

Sandra Drzymalska’s next film was “Mr. Samochodzik and the Templars”, based on the novel by Zbigniew Nienacki, which debuted on Netflix on July 12, 2023. Sandra played the role of Anka Modzelewska.

“White Courage” is Sandra Drzymalska’s latest project. Work is underway on the next film, “Simona Kossak”, in which we will see the actress in the title role.