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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episode 3015. He will hear a terrible diagnosis. How much time does she have left?

Jaworski will send his wife's MRI results to Marek (Marcin Perchuć), and he will call Iwona (Izabela Zwierzyńska), who lives in the United States, and ask her to help him decipher the description of the examination.

– Mom and Krzysiek are going crazy, and we're going to the neurologist only in the afternoon… – he will start, and then read to his ex-wife what he got from his mother's husband.

When Złoty hears that everything indicates that Krystyna has Alzheimer's, he will think that it cannot be true.

– She's too young. It can't be anything else? – he will ask Iwona, but she will not have good news for him.

Marek will immediately inform Jaworski what he learned from Iwona. Krzysztof will then tell his terrified wife that what they write about Alzheimer's disease in… “internets”this is definitely a gross exaggeration.

– We'll listen to what the specialist tells us. You have to be positive – he sighs.

– Alzheimer's is a dead end – tears will come to Krystyna's eyes.

– I can't… Somehow I can't be positive today – he will add after a moment of eloquent silence.

A few hours later, the neurologist will confirm Iwona's unofficial diagnosis.

– The results of magnetic resonance imaging and the clinical condition may indicate an early stage of the disease – the doctor will tell Jaworska.

The only consolation for Krystyna will be that the symptoms of Alzheimer's can be slowed down pharmacologically.

– An appropriate diet is also recommended – the neurologist will instruct her, recommending that she avoid saturated fats and eat whole grain products, nuts, fish, poultry and lots of fruit and vegetables.

– How much time do I have left? – ask.

– I don't like to prophesy – the doctor whispers.

– How quickly the disease progresses depends on various factors – he says, and then asks his patient to let him talk to her son privately.

After returning home, Jaworski will ask Marek to tell him what he heard from the neurologist.

– He said it's worth looking around for a nurse to help. In a while. If my mother gets worse, Złoty will tell him.

– Did he say when it would get worse? – Krzysztof will want to know everything.

– No, but probably not in the near future. That is, not suddenly – Marek will console him.

The same day, Marek will call Iwona again, and she will advise him to get tested because since his mother has Alzheimer's disease, she is in a high-risk group.

– Why should I know this? What will this change? If I'm going to be sick, there's no way to prevent it – he'll get upset when he hears his ex's words.

Meanwhile, Krystyna will confess to her husband that she is very afraid of the future.

“I don't want to be decrepit,” she whispers.

– You won't – Jaworski hugs her and strokes her head.

– I will be. Krzyś, the verdict has already been passed. It's inevitable – he will hear.

Will Marek undergo tests to check whether he is at risk of the disease that affected his mother? How will Witek (Witold Sosulski) react to the news about Krystyna's illness? Will Jaworska follow all of her doctor's recommendations aimed at slowing down the progression of the disease?

We will know the answers to these questions only after the holidays.

For the broadcast of the 3015th episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Monday, June 3 at 8:10 p.m.