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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episode 2955. He will make a difficult decision. Will she leave to save him the trouble?

In episode 2955, Agata will confess to Kieliszewski (Olaf Staszkiewicz) that Klara called her.

– Marysia told her that she saw Hubert and Aśka kissing – she sighs.

Ignacy will say that it was obvious that the connection between Pyrka and Sokalska would finally be revealed, and what would be the reaction of Klara, who – formally – is still Hubert’s wife.

– She claims that I conspired against her so that Aśka would take her place – Agata will complain to her lover, and when he starts to calm her down, she will remind him that she was friends with her sister-in-law, and now…

“I heard the enemy on the phone,” she whispers.

Neither Agata nor Ignacy will be aware that Sokalska, standing behind the door, is listening to their conversation. Suddenly Asia will enter the living room and sit on the sofa.

– Hubert didn’t say a word that Klara was causing problems for him in the United States. Or that Marysia told her about us – she will say.

Pyrka will look her straight in the eye and, with a voice trembling with emotion, announce that Klara will most likely use the fact that Hubert is having an affair in court.

– He will try to prove that you are the reason for the breakdown of their marriage, not her – he will blurt out.

Sokalska will remind her that it was not she who seduced Hubert.

– You both should have been careful and controlled yourselves – Agata will make it clear.

– It is not that easy. You know how it was with us – Kieliszewski will interject.

– Yes, but there was no child who could get hurt. We ourselves suffered the consequences. And here is Marysia, and she was not guilty of anything – says Pyrka.

On the same day, Sokalska will meet with Klemens (Sebastian Perdek) and – pretending that she came to his office on behalf of her friend – will present her case to him.

– If I understand correctly… My friend is having an affair with a man who is going through a divorce and his daughter saw them kissing – sums up attorney Górecki after listening to her.

– Yes. They were careless. Can this guy’s wife use this kiss in a divorce case? – Asia will ask him.

– Of course. I’d be surprised if she didn’t do it, she’ll hear.

– Starting a new relationship when the old one hasn’t ended? This usually doesn’t help, her lawyer will tell her.

After returning home, Sokalska will tell her son that she has found a new apartment for them. Emil (Artem Malashchuk) will start begging her to stay, but she will be adamant.

How will Hubert react when he arrives from America and finds out that Asia has left? Will he try to convince her to come back?

For the broadcast of the 2955th episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Tuesday, March 5 at 8:10 p.m.