Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Deicide for Valentine’s Day. Check out the new single “Sever The Tongue” from the album “Banished By Sin”

The album “Banished By Sin” will be released on April 26 and will be the first album by the Florida quartet for the American Reigning Phoenix Music.

Let us add that the current lineup of the band is led by a vocalist who plays bass Glen Banton and drummer Steve Asheim complemented by guitarists Kevin Quirion and Taylor Nordberg. The latter appeared in the ranks Deicide in 2022, and the longplay “Banished By Sin” is his debut as a member of the famous death metallers from Tampa.

Let us recall that on December 25, 2023, exactly on Christmas Day, Deicide shared a blasphemous Christmas gift with their fans – the single “Bury The Cross… With Your Christ”. Now, in turn, the Americans have given their fans a Valentine’s Day gift in the form of the second single “Sever The Tongue”, the new song was released on Valentine’s Day, traditionally celebrated on February 14.

You can assess how well the new single “Sever The Tongue” by Deicide will work during a romantic evening for two:

1. “From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall”
2. “Doomed To Die”
3. “Sever The Tongue”
4. “Faithless”
5. “Bury The Cross…With Your Christ”
6. “Woke From God”
7. “Ritual Defied”
8. “Failures Of Your Dying Lord”
9. “Banished By Sin”
10. “A Trinity Of None”
11. “I Am I…A Curse Of Death”
12. “The Light Defeated”.