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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The colorful world of “Bridgerton”. A perfect proposition for spring

If you are wondering what series will give you the perfect spring vibe, this is the perfect proposition for you! Vibrant colors, fresh love, unique stories and the beautiful world of aristocrats that captivates you from the very first moments.

Series “The Bridgertons” Is inspired by Julia Quinn’s series of novels, which focuses on the love adventures of siblings from high society. Why is this the perfect series for spring? Because of a few reasons. Nothing warms you up better than a few “illegal” love affairs.

The main advantage of this series is the huge amount of feelings that arise between the characters. The first season focuses on the relationship Daphne and Simonand the other on stormy love Anthony and Kate. In the background of the main stories, we observe awakening feelings Penelopea Eloise she discovers that her chosen one may be hiding somewhere outside the aristocratic sphere.

Due to the conventions and rules binding the main characters, everything develops very slowly, from delicate hand brushes to hot kisses somewhere away from close observers. The atmosphere is as changeable as spring weather, from a frosty March morning to a hot May afternoon in just a few minutes.

The series “Bridgertons” boasts a delightful amount of colors. The costumes and scenery are stunning with their color and energy, which gives the series a unique character. The Featherington sisters definitely stand out the most, with their eye-catching outfits.

It is impossible to ignore the decorations of houses and palaces at balls that are regularly organized in the summer. Floral arrangements do not make us forget that spring and summer in England are not only about rainbut also flowers, dances and romance.

Netflix’s story of the Bridgerton family currently has only two seasons and one spin-off titled “Queen Charlotte”. These stories deserve a lot of attention, because romances are not made “on the knee” and each of the characters has its own character and its own past, which influences its perception of the world. I have already seen both seasons three times and I will probably watch it again, because The third season of the series will appear soon. “Bridgertons” will return to Netflix May 16 – with the first part of the episodes, and the second part of the season will debut on June 13, 2024.