Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Bridgertons”. Why was the order of book adaptations changed?

is one of the most popular productions , which has won crowds of loyal fans all over the world. The series was based on the best-selling books. When it was revealed in 2022 that she was also known as Lady Whistledown, book lovers raised eyebrows. The indignant complained that Netflix had violated the chronology of events by changing the order in which the books were adapted.

The first to be filmed is “Love Walks” (the fourth in the series of books by Julia Quinn), not “A Gentleman's Proposal” – telling stories. Since the announcement of the characters of the third season, fans around the world have been asking themselves: “why”? The creators of the series revealed what was behind their decision.

Chris Van Dusen was behind the film adaptation of the first two books, however, which . Fans around the world have been asking the question for years: It is therefore not surprising that Variety journalists also asked” and “Entertainment Weekly”.

Jess Bromnell explained that the fate of Colin and Penelope has been a subplot since the first season of “Bridgerton””. We've long seen Pen's secret crush and Colin's obliviousness to it. According to the creator.

“It's a dynamic that can only be played for a while, eventually something has to change. This seems to be the right moment to focus on their relationship” – said Jess Bromnell in an interview for “Entertainment Weekly”.

However, it is not only the growing tension between Colin and Pen that is the reason for the change in the order of adaptations of Julia Quinn's books. The fact that (Luke Thompson) seems to be significant. Jess Bromnell stated that .

“From Benedict's perspective, he's such a fun character and a fan favorite, so we're thrilled to be able to play with him a little longer. We want to give him more time to play before he settles down”.

Although we will not see Benedict's love adventures in the third season, the creator's words suggest that we will see him on screen much more often.