Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Julia Żugaj and Robert Lewandowski together: It turned out what really connects them. “We are all Żugajki”

Game Poland – Estonia (starting at 20:45) will decide which team will face the winner of the second pair Wales – Finland. The team that wins the play-off final will advance to the Euro 2024. No wonder that Thursday's match is considered by many to be the most important match of the Polish team this year.

At the pre-match press conference with Robert Lewandowski A lot of emotions were caused by one of the journalists' questions about the singer and influencer Julia Żugaj (check!). Our best football player burst out laughing, and the host quickly returned to sports topics.

“This question was below the belt. I recently met with Żugaj, she is an influencer, she was in Barcelona. A journalist at the conference asked me a question whether it influenced my form and whether I am a 'Żugaj'. Seriously…?” – said Robert Lewandowski on the vlog “Policja nas Piłka”.

Now it has been revealed how the athlete and the singer met. In Barcelona, ​​at the invitation of Spotify (the streaming platform is one of the sponsors of the club in which Lewandowski plays), apart from Julia Żugaj, other popular singers also appeared – Izabela Zabielska, Fausti, Qry and Bartek Kubicki. All five were selected to promote the Na Topie playlist, with songs by the most popular Internet artists. It was during this meeting that a photo of Julia Żugaj with Robert Lewandowski was taken, which appeared on the cover of the Spotify Viral Hits playlist (“today we are all Żugajki” – we read in the description).

The wider audience got to know her thanks to the project Team X, which she joined in December 2020. She started her career on TikTok, where she gathered an audience of over 3 million. He has two mini-albums under his belt – “Miłostki” (2022) and “Świąteczne harmonie” (2023). The songs became the most popular “Spring Lilac” (over 4.4 million views), “Miłostki” (3 million) i “I don't think so” (2.4 million).

“Together with Team joy. When I started working with the current production team, I opened up very much. I take part in the whole process – I co-create the lyrics, add my comments to the songs. And the fact that they can hear me practicing something and singing along? That's what it's all about,” Julia said Żugaj.

The singer was helped with the recordings by, among others: Kevin Mglej (fiancé Roxie Węgiel), Jeremi Sikorski, Artur Sikorski, Jonatan Chmielewski and Andrzej Jaworski.