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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Bridgertons”: He’s the laughing stock of the town!

The upcoming third season “The Bridgertons” will focus on Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). After Colin stated in the second season that Penelope would remain his friend forever, the girl, who fell in love with him without reciprocity, decides to start looking for a suitable husband.

Potential candidates include Marcus Anderson (Daniel Francis), Lord Debling (Sam Philips), and Harry Dankworth (James Phoon). However, when things don’t go according to Penelope’s plan, Colin decides to help her find the right man. Over time, he will also have to answer an important question – is his feeling for Penelope just friendship or something more?

In a new clip announcing the third season of “The Bridgertons,” Miss Featherington is fed up with Colin Bridgerton’s deceptive actions… She knows she deserves more. When Bridgerton confesses that he misses her, she accuses him of never wanting to pursue her.

“I heard you at my mother’s prom last year telling everyone you would never, ever court Penelope Featherington,” Coughlan’s character complains.

“Of course you will never court me. I am the laughing stock of the town, even when I change my entire wardrobe. It never occurred to me that you of all people could be so cruel,” says the on-screen Miss Featherington.

The third season will be slightly different than the book – according to the novel’s chronology, the next installment of “Bridgerton” should present the fate of Benedict (Luke Thompson) and Sophie Beckett. The decision to change sparked a lot of discussion among fans who are still waiting for the announcement of who will play Benedict’s chosen one.

As she announced some time ago Simone AshleyKate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) will return in the third season, and their storyline will be developed.

We’re back! Kate and Anthony’s story is just beginning. The showrunner for the new season will be the wonderful Jess Brownell. In the second series, Kate and Anthony encountered many obstacles on their path to happiness, including family problems, until they were finally together.

The new series will be divided into two parts – the first will debut on the platform Netflix on May 16, and the second – on June 13, 2024.