Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Julia Kamińska surprises with the lyrics of a new song. “We’re not getting along…”

The colorful music video stars: Mateusz Glen (@Ta Jedno Ciotka), Artur Jeliński, Wiktoria Omyła, Klaudia Sadło and Julia Kamińska, who is also the author of the concept and script. He is the director and cinematographer Marcin Kozłowski.

The perverse, malicious, but also vulgar lyrics of the song can cause considerable embarrassment among listeners. You can read it AT THIS LINK.

Julia Kamińska is an actress, singer and songwriter. She cooperated with, among others: With Marcin Świetlicki and Skubas. In 2022 she debuted with the single “Żal mi”, which announced the EP “It was gone”, about which she herself says: “it was, it’s passed, there’s basically nothing to talk about”. Her songs – “Granica” and “Shame” – open a new chapter in Julia’s work. “They differ from previous songs in sound, genre, atmosphere and approach – basically everything,” we read in the press announcement.

“A few years ago I wouldn’t have written this text – and even if I had started, it would have ended up deep in a drawer. I certainly wouldn’t have recorded it, I certainly wouldn’t have chosen such a sound and I certainly wouldn’t have chosen such a photo for the cover. I invite you beyond my personal border, for “I do everything differently than before,” she said last year Julia Kamińska about the song “Granica”.