Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Love like honey”: Bartosz Opania returns to the cinema screen in great style

“Love Like Honey” it is a comedy about mature friendship and love that comes unexpectedly and does not look at the birth certificate. One of the main roles in the film is played by Bartosz Opania, who returns to the big screen after an almost ten-year break.

“I am not one of those actors who feel the hunger to act at all costs. What happened to me in my profession took place without any particular effort on my part. However, when I was already acting, I did not have the flexibility to, for example, work in several productions at once. When I was young, I devoted myself to the role much more than I had to. It also happened that when I jumped on the wave that some people called so-called success, I consciously ran away from it, because I never wanted to be a slave of this so-called success. I learned this from Jan Nowicki who told me: ‘Bartek, if you are dealing with – to put it mildly – poor literature, send an idiot to the set instead’,” admits Bartosz Opania.

“Many years ago, when I was still a young actor, I made my debut at Akson Studio with the role of young Artur Rimbaud in ‘Total Eclipse’ directed by Michał Kwieciński. I still have fond memories of working on this fascinating material. I had the opportunity to meet and observe the wonderful actor Krzysztof Globisz. I consider this role to be my real debut. It is one of the most important roles in my career. Therefore, I accept every offer from Akson with joy. It was the same with the film ‘Love Like Honey’,” he adds.

The actor in the film “Love Like Honey” plays Daniel – a successful businessman who achieved great success in Sweden. He is confident, enterprising and charming. Currently, he is involved in the construction of seaside boutique hotels. He is considering buying the confectionery shop from Majka (Agnieszka Suchora). He is not afraid of risk and often jumps into the deep end. He prefers to act rather than splitting hairs. As a result, he can be indelicate, domineering and sometimes behaves like an elephant in a china shop. He is divorced and has an adult son. During his school days, he was associated with Agata (Edyta Olszówka). Their relationship ended when he suggested she move abroad. She didn’t want to quit her studies, leave her loved ones and start all over again in a foreign country. When he meets her after many years, it turns out that old love does not rust.

“I hope that I have provided this character with a kind of unusual sense of humor,” emphasizes Bartosz Opania.

Majka (Agnieszka Suchora) and Agata (Edyta Olszówka) have as much in common as they divide. They are both over fifty, going through menopause and do not believe that anything in their lives will change for the better. One lives on the Baltic Sea, the other in the Tatra Mountains. One runs a confectionery shop, the other is a successful interior designer. One is a widow, the other was just left by her partner for a younger woman. One devotes herself to her children and grandchildren, completely forgetting about herself, the other has no family and cares about her spiritual development. One day, the friends meet at the funeral of a high school friend. Agata encourages Majka to spontaneously go to the mountains, and she takes her place. The unexpected role reversal brings a number of complications, funny twists and challenges that the women will have to face. Will they be able to overcome their habits, prejudices and fears? Will they find the courage to open up to love and start a new chapter in their lives? Is it really never too late for anything? Everyone who goes to cinemas to see the comedy “Love Like Honey” will see this for themselves on February 9.