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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The best series like “Orange is the New Black”! It couldn’t have been done better

This series once attracted entire families to their TV screens, and new episodes were awaited with bated breath. The creators did not expect such a positive turn of events when they were working on the first season. Michael Scofield fakes a crime and is imprisoned in the same place as his convicted brother. He has a map with him, or rather on him, which is the key to a brilliant escape.

The series turned out to be a huge hit on Netflix and maintained a high level until the very end, tying the viewer to their favorite characters. This production cannot be watched only once, because each time we watch it, we can take a closer look at the story of a different heroine. The diversity of this production is amazing, and the women are truly multi-dimensional characters.

“Orange Is The New Black” focuses on the character Piper Chapman, who is sent to Litchfield for an almost criminal offense. She comes from a good home, everything in her life has been going perfectly so far: she has a fianc√©, and she and her friend have just started a small business. At this point he must completely change his approach to life.

At some point in the series, the story slightly departs from the story of Piper and shows individual heroines and their stories. This is one of the best ways of narrating in recent years’ productions.

The girl allows herself to be framed for embezzlement of really large amounts of money and ends up behind bars. Either she will learn the rules of the center, or there will be no happy future for her. There is a possibility of her release, but it requires a high bail. In order to find funds for the payment, her family gets involved in finding the money, even though the girl’s current partner wants to make a big fuss.

The production focuses on the everyday life of the main characters and officers. It characterizes the transformation of a man who would normally not harm anyone, but from the moment the verdict was passed, he loses any scruples. Will the main character be able to survive in a world of betrayals and duplicity?

The production is based on real events and tells the story of five teenagers from Harlem who are accused of the attack in Central Park. Their case has been going on for 25 years as they try to prove that they were wrongly judged. In the series we follow the entire process.

What would happen if Walter White from “Breaking Bad” was put behind bars? Maybe what the series starring Sean Bean is about. Mark was a teacher; He was put behind bars after he caused an accident while driving under the influence of stimulants. On the one hand, he is afraid of what awaits him there, but on the other, he appreciates the opportunity to atone for his actions. His ally is one of the guards who makes sure that the man does not lose his humanity.