Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“I have a talent”: We know how much jurors earn there! They can envy you on TVN

American edition “I have a talent” has been broadcast since 2006. A total of 18 seasons of the program were produced, and viewers saw 440 episodes on NBC. The last season of the format was watched by over 5 million viewers in the United States, and individual performances collected millions of views on YouTube.

By the jury “I have a talent” many stars came through. Participants in the USA were assessed by, among others: Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff, Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, Mel B, Gabrielle Unionand they hosted the show Nick Cannon and Tyra Banks.

The current jury composition stabilized in the 15th season. The stars of the program are: Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel. However, he remains the leader Terry Crews.

You can find several lists of jurors’ assets online, but the website Talent Recap, which deals with television programs in the USA, decided to analyze on its YouTube channel how much the jurors and Terry Crews earn thanks to “I have a talent”.

The popular Terry, known in Poland, among others, thanks to an Old Spice commercial, but also a series of films “The Expendables” and production “Brooklyn 99”, he will earn PLN 60,000 for one episode of the program. dollars. Journalists compared this with the annual average earnings in the United States, which is PLN 58,000.

Total assets Terry Crews it’s $25 million, but it’s worth adding that the lead “I have a talent” it is not likely to be his main income.

70 thousand He earns dollars per episode – the least of all jurors Howie Mandel. The TV presenter and series actor has a total fortune of $60 million. It is worth adding that Mandel is also the biggest star of the Canadian edition “I have a talent”.

Model, producer and social media star Heidi Klum According to journalists, Talent Recap will earn PLN 100,000. dollars for one episode of the program. Her fortune is estimated at over $160 million. Let us add that Klum is also the face of German “Top Model” and “Project Runway”. She also released her perfumes and jewelry.

Sofia Vergara She gained her greatest fame thanks to the series “Modern family”. The production, which aired for 11 seasons, made the actress the richest actress in the world. According to “Forbes” the star was supposed to earn $10 million per season “I have a talent”, which gives 450 thousand dollars for appearing in one of the episodes of the program. Vergara’s net worth is $180 million.

As he calculated “The Sun” fortune Simon Cowell was over $440 million in 2022 (he is one of the richest people in Great Britain). Cowell is a juror, talent scout, producer and creator of many television formats. He was the originator of the idea “X Factor” and series “I have a talent”which had its origins on the Isles.

Due to the fact that Cowell not only evaluates the participants, but also has a huge influence on the shape of the program, his earnings are higher than those of the rest of the jury. “Simon Cowell is an extremely rich man, and people like that don’t want anyone to know how much they really earn” – explained the journalist Daniel Swan. According to his estimates, Cowell earns between $20 and $30 million per season, which is more than $1 million per episode of the show.

For comparison, the gossip media in Poland speculated about earnings Marcin Prokop In “I have a talent”. According to these reports, the journalist is expected to earn between PLN 30,000 and PLN 50,000 in the TVN talent show. PLN per month.