Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

She caused a huge scandal at Eurovision. Now he reveals shocking details

La Zarra She finished Eurovision in Liverpool in the final in only 16th place. An artist who represented France with a song “Evidence” and was the bookmakers’ favorite for the top places, she received 54 points from the jurors, but only 50 points from the viewers.

The singer did not hide her disappointment with this decision. She had a sour face when the results were read, and a moment later the Frenchwoman showed the middle finger to millions of viewers.

“La Zarra showed the middle finger to millions of viewers, performers and everyone who gave her the opportunity to present herself. She left the hall before the end of the announcement of the results, which offended all the participants,” viewers commented.

The Frenchwoman spoke about her gesture after the competition.

“I wanted to thank everyone for their support. I am proud that I could represent France. I will never forget this amazing adventure. I also wanted to add that the gesture I made did not mean contempt or insult. It was not a middle finger either. It was simply a gesture of disappointment, which can be translated as ‘so be it’, I did not intend to shock or provoke. I am sorry if it was understood that way,” she wrote on Instagram.

In the first half of March La Zarra she gave an interview on the channel Siham TV. There she also dealt with the French broadcaster in strong words. She also explained again about her gesture, which was not intended to be vulgar. The singer is widely quoted by the website

She revealed that she paid part of the Eurovision costs out of her own pocket. She spent PLN 180,000 on it. euros and received the money from the label. The artist also added that she had not signed any contract with the French broadcaster, was treated like a slave by the local television, and accused the head of the delegation of racism.

“You need to bleach your hair. You are an Arab, with brown hair you look too Arab. When you are blonde, you will look less Arab, and the French don’t like Arab women” – she allegedly heard from Alexandra Redde-Amiel.

La Zarra was ready not to perform at Eurovision due to mistreatment. Only after threats from the singer did France Télévisions promise to improve.

“I was invited in September, Eurovision is in May. I didn’t understand that from September to May I would be a slave to France Télévisions, that I wouldn’t be able to offer what I wanted to convey artistically on stage, that the costs would be deducted from the marketing budget for my second album. It was extremely difficult. It was an unpleasant experience,” quotes the Frenchwoman as saying.

La Zarra’s statement is quoted in French “La Parisien” and the local one “Huffington Post”. The broadcaster itself did not issue a statement on this matter, considering the singer’s statement outrageous. He also expressed support for the head of the delegation if she wants to sue the singer.

This year, France will be represented by a singer Silmane with the song “Mon amour”. Bookmakers predict that the song will be in the top ten of the competition.