Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Spotify sold music gadgets for the car. Now it will turn them all off

Spotify's brief stint as a hardware company turned out to be . The company stopped producing the little dashboard gadget they called it less than a year after it was released. And now, just , the device will soon become. Customers who purchased Car Thing are receiving emails stating that it will stop working completely as of

Spotify for broken devices. The company's plans also lack the possibility for the gadget to be brought back to life by enthusiasts. Spotify simply ends the project and nonchalantly advises users to .

The message to users recommends resetting the device to factory settings and then finding a way to dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner.

Spotify is trying to explain its controversial decision. According to them, this is a necessary step that will help them. This is intended to affect primarily . According to the statement, Spotify does not intend to forget about drivers and plans for them that will enable them to listen to their favorite music in the car. However, this is not another version of Car Thing, but rather a completely different proposition.

Car Thing was , considering it was Spotify's first foray into producing its own hardware. Still, the product was more of something you could call “” than a standalone player. This seriously limited its attractiveness to potential users

However, Car Thing gained some users who liked the ability to conveniently control the Spotify application in the car. They were seriously disappointed by the manufacturer's latest announcement. However, it should be mentioned first of all that Car Thing, despite its interesting design, because . And this lack of autonomy was probably the final nail in the coffin for this unusual device.