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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“On the signal”: Episode 579. A huge tragedy. Will he lose his life to defend his loved one?

On that day, Strzelecki's team will receive a call to an elderly patient who will require intubation due to circulation and breathing problems. Her son Mieszko will start to protest strongly and will not agree to the procedure.

– Oh no, no, no. Is this the tube? Do you want to put a tube in her? No, no tube, says the young man.

– Fortunately, you're not the one deciding here… – says Piotr.

– NO! I said! Mom doesn't agree either, right? Mom? Mom? – Mieszko will shout.

– Your mother is hypoxic. He is unable to make an informed decision. In this situation, I make the decision – Strzelecki will announce in a tone that brooks no objections.

An outraged Mieszko will throw the lamp off the table. It will be obvious that he is not joking.

– I won't let you, do you understand? When they put the tube in my aunt, she never woke up. You will kill her!

– This is the only way we can… – Karolina interjects.

-You'll kill her! – Mieszko will repeat.

– Man, your mother is choking. I will save her and I don't care if you agree or not! – Peter will declare.

– If you touch her, I'll kill you, you hear? – the patient's unstable son will warn him.

Strzelecki will intubate the patient despite Mieszko's protests, and then he will attack the rescuer with a kitchen knife in his hand.

– You're dead! – hisses.

– What are you doing, man?! Put that knife down! – this time Piotr will lose his self-confidence.

– Don't do this… – he will ask.

– I told you to leave your mother!

– No, please… I have a family!

– This is for my mother! I'll kill you!

-Your mother is alive! – Piotr will say.

Seeing that Piotr is in mortal danger, Karolina heroically decides to help her beloved. Unfortunately, Mieszko's blow will reach her. There will be blood on the rescuer's suit…

– Karolina, no! You bastard!!! – shouts the terrified Strzelecki, who will face a dramatic fight for her life in the ambulance…

Will Piotr and Karolina's romance be interrupted by the girl's unexpected death?

We reveal that the 579th episode “On the signal” TVP2 will broadcast on Wednesday, May 22 at 21.55.