Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

She showed a photo after the surgery. Magda Narożna (Beautiful and Young) was on the table urgently

Magdalena Narożna is the undisputed star of disco polo. Young and beautiful They took the scene by storm with their hits “I'm in love with you” (listen!) i “She's so wonderful.”

Initially, the band Piękni i Młodzi was formed by husband and wife Magdalena i Dawid Narożni and Daniel Wilczewski. In 2014, the team from Łomża reached the final of the Polsat music program “Must Be The Music. Only music” as the first disco-pol performer.

At the end of June 2019, a message appeared on the group's Facebook profile about the divorce of the leaders, who have a teenage daughter. Gabriela. The former spouses then decided to continue working together on stage. It quickly turned out that they both had already found new partners. A quarrel between former spouses led to a change in the band's composition.

Currently, instead of Narożny, the singer, guitarist and sound engineer performs alongside his ex-wife and Daniel Wilczewski, Daniel Biczak. The first recording with the new line-up was a song “Without myself”. At the beginning of February 2023, Dawid Narożny returned to the Piękni i Młodzi banner and invited his second wife to cooperate – Joanna Narożna and Ela Kliś.

A singer known for her hit “Terms of Endearment (My Oh My)” (check!) worried her fans. She revealed on social media that she had to cancel concerts and her participation in the half marathon due to an urgent surgery. However, she did not reveal any details – she only said that she was facing a lot of stress and fatigue.

Early in the morning, she published a photo from her hospital bed on Instagram.

“Dear friends. Thank you for your support! I'm feeling better and better and I intend to get back to full fitness quickly 🙂 this time I'm kissing you deeply. Take care of yourself!” – wrote Magda Narożna.

The comments were full of wishes for a quick recovery. There are also questions about what caused the sudden medical intervention.