Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

TOP 7 best action films of the last decade

George Miller had been planning to make the fourth film in the “Mad Max” series since 1987. The project was postponed many times, and the director came on set only in July 2012. After six months of shooting and finishing touches in November 2013, the creators had 480 hours of material, which they had to condense into two hours. They chose the best, creating a total cinema that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first to the last second.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is a triumph of cinematic craftsmanship and practical special effects. Literally everything works here. A production that should return to cinemas from time to time – because if you watch it, you should only watch it on the big screen.

Michael Bay has one rule – any cataclysm should not fall on Earth and the heroes, never, ever, kill an animal. This will turn off the audience. David Leitch and Chad Stahelski said: I'm checking. They start their film with the death of a cute puppy, killed by one of the bandits during a robbery. The attackers' bad luck is that the owner of the animal was John Wick (Keanu Reeves) – a retired assassin, a legend of his profession. The dog was a gift from his deceased wife. All Wick can do is take revenge.

Over the course of four films, we learn not only the story of the protagonist, but also the entire world of assassins with their rules, supreme council and currency. The creators build it very well over the course of subsequent productions, and at the same time surprise with their creativity in subsequent shootings and hand-to-hand combat. The culmination of the orgy of violence is the fourth part, in which every sequence is impressive, and during the murderous climb up the Parisian steps of Montmartre, the hero's exhaustion is even felt by the audience. Let's add to this numerous references to the classics and guest appearances by Polish cinema stars. The “John Wick” series is a treasure trove for action movie fans. Everyone will find something for themselves here.

Some say this is the film that saved cinema. The first huge hit after the collapse of 2020-21. Who undertook the mission to save cinematography? Of course, Tom Cruise, who personally ensured that the technical side of the work was absolutely flawless, and that the viewer in the cinema was as close as possible to experiencing the speed of flying fighter jets. Who could have guessed that all this would happen thanks to the sequel to a film from over three decades ago, which at one point no one was really waiting for?

Unexpectedly, it turned out that the remake of the French average film titled “The Convoy” became one of the best thrillers of recent years. Guy Ritchie gave us a bitter revenge cinema, devoid of the irony typical of the British director. “One Angry Man” is a brutal revenge movie in which there is no room for hesitation or trust. The final shootout lingers in your mind, as does hero Jason Statham's merciless expression and the main theme music by Chris Benstead.

The first “The Raid” from 2012 presented a very simple plot. A group of policemen enters a building full of bandits. They are soon cut off and their squad depleted. The five remaining survivors say they have no chance of getting out, so they can only push upwards to the loft where the boss of all bosses is hiding. Along the way, they fight with everything they can get their hands on.

The sequel adds a bit more plot, but unfortunately it makes little sense. However, let's not kid ourselves that someone came here for history. The choreography is as inventive as in the first part, bones are broken, enemies are numbered in dozens, the hero fights with everything that can cause damage, and each blow hurts for a long time.

Some time ago it was joked that Tom Cruise would stop at nothing to make the “Mission: Impossible” series attractive to the viewer. The screening of “Fallout” was the moment when the joke became reality. As the actor clung to the plane taking off, it became clear that, just like for his hero, nothing was impossible for him. And that was only the first scene of the movie.

Later we get, among other things, a great fight in the bathroom. And packed to the limit, Henry’Cavill's ego with a charming mustache who literally “overloads” his biceps at the key moment. I'm an adult, and I had fun like a child during the show.

In the film “Baby Driver”, car chases and gangster games flow to the rhythm of songs to which the main character listens passionately. Director Edgar Wright does not limit himself to simple references to Walter Hill's “The Driver”, nor does he repeat the ideas presented by Nicolas Winding Refn in “Drive”. Instead, it plays with the viewer's expectations and genres, serving on the one hand the original cinema of a talented cinephile, and on the other, an exemplary entertainment film, technically refined and filled with full-blooded characters. And this music…