Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Devil Heads. An underrated Czech attraction near Prague

With the beginning of spring, many of us are looking for interesting places to go to. Of course, the simplest solution is to travel around Poland, to places relatively close to our place of residence. However, nothing stops you from looking for attractions a little further afield, e.g. beyond our southern border.

The Czech Republic is very popular as a destination for Poles' foreign trips, especially among the inhabitants of southern Poland. The most common choice is, of course, Prague, but our neighbors can boast of many other places that are definitely worth visiting. .

Devil's Heads are rock sculptures of monumental dimensions – they are approximately 9 meters high. They depict devilish faces that are carved into sandstone outcrops. They are located in a coniferous forest near the village of Żelizy, near the town of Mielnik. The attraction is located just .

It is worth going there during your stay in the Karkonosze or Jizera Mountains. You can also successfully combine a visit to the capital of the Czech Republic, where not only the Devil's Heads are located. There are also picturesque gorges, reservoirs, castles and other original rock formations.

The author of the sculptures is probably someone who created them in the 19th century. Devil's Heads were created around 1840. Nearby you will also find another work of this artist, the Klacelka cave. You can reach the attractions by following the blue tourist trail, which is marked from the Commune Office in Zelizach. Access is completely free.

Devil's Heads may resemble other, more famous carvings carved into rock formations. Of course I'm talking about . There is a monument in the shape of the faces of four US presidents. However, this sculpture from the Czech Republic was created much earlier, almost 100 years.

Tourists' opinions on Google include many positive things about the Czech attraction. Internet users emphasize an important fact: the location of the free parking lot near the sculptures. Getting there is supposed to take a few minutes, but some people warn that, especially on rainy days.

Internet users also recommend – Devil's Heads dominate the forest and are visible from a distance, but among the trees you can also find other interesting sculptures. It is worth going for a longer walk in picturesque natural surroundings.