Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Mann criticized the new program on TVP. “I won’t remind anyone of my age”

After the change of power in TVP, artists who had been boycotting the station in recent years began to return and perform. This is what happened with the program “Music for a good evening”.

The program, broadcast on Friday, debuted on TVP on March 8. The first performer the viewers saw was Kayah; on March 15, the band gave its televised concert Lady Pank.

“Viewers will hear the greatest hits Lady Pank, including: ‘Crisis Bride’, ‘Castles in the Sand’, ‘Carrot Field’, ‘Don’t Pass Me By’, ‘Leave the Titanic’, ‘Always Where You Are’, ‘Dance Stupid, Dance’ and ‘Less than zero’. The artists will also share their memories and anecdotes and tell how individual songs influenced their personal lives and careers. The concert will be an opportunity to meet the members of the legendary group with the loyal audience and fans – those in the audience and those who will follow the concert on TV.” – we read in the TVP announcement.

The band itself greeted the audience eloquently after an eight-year break. “We are playing on Polish Television for the first time in eight years” – they emphasized from the stage Jan Borysewicz and Janusz Panasewicz.

In the following weeks, viewers will see the following performances: Feel, Varius Manx, IRA, Kombia, Ewa Farna, Anna Wyszkoni, Kasia Kowalska and Małgorzata Ostrowska.

He is not very happy with the new program Wojciech Mann. Former journalist TVP and Polish Radio he directly admitted that such a format, involving the return of old stars to the station, is not necessarily a good solution.

“I read somewhere that Polish Television triumphantly announced that artists are returning to television and there will be programs in which they will perform, e.g. Lady Pank, Kayah, Feel. Come on people! After all, these are people with achievements, I won’t remind anyone of their age, but those who have really earned their popularity and now television is triumphantly announcing that they will appear again? Instead of looking for new ones, instead of showing new directions, instead of promoting them” – he said in the broadcast “A maniac in the dark” on air Radio Nowy Świat.

“Let’s not make it so that these eight years of a hole – because it was eight years of a hole – will suddenly be filled by those who were already there. After all, for these eight years, the then ten-year-olds have become adults, making their own music, singing and playing. I know that television will not only present Maryla Rodowicz and Kayahbut let him show what is happening on the market” – added.

Let us recall that at the beginning of the year the journalist was asked about the possibility of returning to Polish Radio and TVP, where he could again host “A chance for success”.

“I did not receive such an offer. However, before these changes took place, I was asked if I would come back if there were any changes in management and everything they ruined. I will say this: I am happy with Radio Nowy Świat, I like this radio and I don’t plan any sudden changes.” – he explained.

“These are not the times anymore. I’m not convinced that the audience likes such reheated cutlets” – he said.