Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

She called the “Got Talent” juror conceited. They used to be friends

Sharon Osbournewho is one of the stars of the new season of “Celebrity Big Brother”, admitted that she has not talked to her for several years. Simon Cowell. A beloved juror known, among others, from “Got Talent” is, in her opinion, a conceited person who doesn’t care about people. “He has his own small team around him, the same people for years, and he talks to them,” she admits, quoted by the British The Sun.

Another friend of the TV star from the time of the program also appeared in the celebrity version of “Big Brother”. LouisWalsh. “He wouldn’t call Louis or me. He’s very, what should you call it? Conceited. Simon is just like that,” admits the 71-year-old presenter. “At first, the three of us were really close friends. But then he left our group and moved on,” he says.

Let us recall that the trio worked together on the set of “X Factor” intermittently between 2004 and 2017. The famous show ended after fourteen seasons in 2018.

“He’s weird when it comes to friends, very, very closed,” says Sharon Osbourne. “He’s not really one of those guys who says, ‘Hey, great that you’re calling. What’s up? And so on and so forth.’ He’s not one of those friends who will check to make sure everything’s OK,” she continues.

Meanwhile, the participation of Ozzy Osbourne’s wife in a popular reality show may have surprised her fans a bit. It turns out that the star will receive as much as £500,000 for just a five-day stay in the “Big Brother house”. She immediately announced that she did not intend to appear in this type of program again. “I’ve done everything. I’ve appeared in the theater, on television. I’ve done everything I wanted,” she says. “That’s why with something like ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ you have to enjoy it, it’s a great experience and that’s all. I’m just here for fun and it’s very liberating,” he says.

Let us remind you that recently Simon Cowell was the victim of jokes on television. Actor Stephen Marchant known for production “The Big Bang Theory” Whether “Office” he ridiculed the plastic surgery of a famous juror. Many viewers also noticed that Cowell’s face was still undergoing further metamorphoses. “I was shocked when I saw it Simon Cowell in TV. “Simon Cowell should sue his surgeon”, “He has balloons instead of cheeks” – wrote other viewers indiscriminately.

Simon Cowell is one of the most media talent scouts in the world, a juror of popular entertainment programs and a television star, who is also one of the richest people in the entertainment industry in Great Britain (his fortune is estimated at over half a billion dollars).

The topic of Cowell’s appearance regularly returns to the media. The juror admitted to using Botox and fillers for many years. “There was a period when everyone had faces full of this and that,” he commented to The Sun.

Archival photos of the juror show how drastically his face has changed. The effect was intensified by Cowell’s lifestyle change. Doctors recommended a drastic diet and exercise.

“When I went to get tested, after receiving the results, my doctor said, ‘You have the worst diet of any patient I’ve ever treated. You eat like a 1960s schoolboy.’ He told me to give up red meat, dairy, sugar and gluten,” Cowell said. .

In 2020, the juror suffered a serious bicycle accident during which he broke his spine, and this only accelerated his further changes, which aroused the surprise of fans.

Ultimately, however, Cowell gave up Botox in 2022. This was supposed to be the reaction of his son Eric. The boy did not recognize his father after one of the operations.

“I said enough. There are no fillers in my face now,” he said. “I went too far. I saw my ‘before and after’ photos and I didn’t recognize myself,” he added. At the same time, even though the star was supposed to give up Botox, he told Page Six that he did not give up other treatments that were supposed to improve the appearance of his face. “I limited it, let’s put it that way,” he added.