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“We will live together”: Mikołaj Roznerski in the new TVP hit! The premiere is coming soon

Nothing is lost in nature – you have just left the series “Na dobre i na evil”, and soon viewers will be able to watch you in a new series production…

– Whether I left – it’s not so certain. As long as the writers don’t kill the hero, there is always the possibility of his return. Miłosz, whom I played in “For Good and for Bad”, got on the plane with his beloved, Dr. Hania Sikorka (Marta Żmuda Trzebiatowska), and they both flew off into the blue distance. It is already known that the couple is expecting a child, it is known that they intend to rearrange their lives away from the country. But, as they say, never say never, so it is possible that they will come back one day. The future will tell.

So let’s talk about the present – on March 8, a new series titled “We’ll Live Together”, in which you play one of the main roles. What is this story about?

– About the drama caused by the war in Ukraine, which has been going on for over two years. About what happened during this time. About human hearts, ambiguous situations, the attitudes of different people in different situations, about the transformation that a person undergoes during a crisis, about instincts – the best and the worst, which reveal themselves in sometimes extreme states. About Ukrainian refugees who fled to our country in droves and how we, Poles, found our way there.

-Who is your series hero?

– His name is Tadeusz, he is a 35-year-old whose life has just fallen apart and he and his wife, Basia (Lena Góra), live in his parents’ house in Masuria. The leader there is his mother (Aleksandra Konieczna), authoritarian and overprotective, who treats her son like a small child still clinging to her skirt. Tadeusz, a well-behaved and extremely polite man, endures this with great patience and calm. Until the great test comes – and that is the outbreak of war among our eastern neighbors. Then my hero, against the will of his mother, who would rather hide her only child in a mouse hole, makes a manly decision and goes to the border with sanitary transport. Once there, his wife gets involved in the rescue effort and… everything continues in an unpredictable and unobvious way.

How did you like playing a duet with your wife, Lena Góra?

– We’ve never met before. Lena was educated in the USA, she played in foreign productions, I was curious about her perspective on this profession, it is always a learning experience for an actor. And we had a great time playing together!

Where was the series filmed?

– In the vicinity of Warsaw – Konstancin, Józefów – there are serial houses located there. We shot the outdoor photos partly here and partly in Masuria, which is beautiful as always, it looks really great in the picture.

Ukrainian actors also appear in “We Will Live Together”. What language did you communicate in?

– In Polish-English-Ukrainian (smile). There really wasn’t any problem with it. Besides, I worked in Ukraine, on the set of the series “Zniewolona”, before the outbreak of the war. Of course, production has been interrupted and it is not known when it will return or if it will return at all…

The topic of aid for Ukrainians, so hot at the time, has recently somehow faded into the background, we all certainly notice that…

– That’s true. This war has become commonplace for us, and the enthusiasm with which we welcomed these people under our roof has diminished. But they still need our help, this war is still going on! Human tragedies are still taking place, people are dying, losing their homes and belongings, and living in separation from their loved ones. In a sense, we have become one nation with them, many of them live here and this is our common task, to be able to understand and support each other at every step. And this is what our series is also about.

Will it become a TV hit?

– It’s hard to predict. This is not a simple proposition, it contains both tragedy and grotesque, some tears will be shed, some smiles will appear, some people will like it, others not so much. I am delighted with the form of storytelling, it looks like a movie, evokes a lot of emotions and touches on ordinary human issues. The undoubted advantage of the series is its strong cast, including: excellent Aleksandra Konieczna, Bronisław Wrocławski as my father in the series, Oksana Cherkashyna – a very famous Ukrainian actress who appeared in numerous international projects. The series is well acted, beautifully shot, skillfully directed by Anna Maliszewska and Tadeusz Łysiak – it has everything that should be there. And the rest is in the hands of the viewers.

Many of them associate you inextricably with the role of Marcin Chodakowski from the biggest TV series hit in our country for years, “M jak miłość”. How’s he doing?

– As usual, a lot is happening and even more will happen. I don’t want to give any spoilers, I will only say that Marcin’s world will continue to revolve around Kama (Michalina Sosna), her sister, Ania (Alina Szczegielniak), his ex-wife (Adrianna Kalska) and the many criminal mysteries on the horizon. It’s kind of a phenomenon, because I’ve been playing in this series for years, and I’m never bored because the role is written in such an interesting and surprising way. And there’s a lot to play, so I’m often on set. In general, I must admit that I think work likes me, from TV series to film and theater, daytime photos, night photos, I’m still on the road and constantly rushing somewhere to get everything done. And so on.

And you said when we last talked in December that you were going to slow down a bit in the new year…?

– I thought so, but it probably didn’t work out (laughter). Or maybe it’s a good thing, because I love what I do and I’m good at it.

As you know, you are building a house. So when, if you’re still working?

– I build it, but not by myself, it is done by a special company. Because I work, I can afford it. Of course, I use every free moment to go there with my loved ones and watch the construction. And I must proudly say that the end is near, this house can already be seen, and soon I will be able to say that I have realized my dream.

Will you live in the countryside?

– It’s not a village, it’s a forest, near Warsaw. The very center of a dense forest, in which there was a vast clearing. The village is nearby, a small settlement, with only a few houses. I come from a village myself, from Rolantowice in Lower Silesia. It was also small – when I left, it had 88 inhabitants, everyone knew each other there. I love such homely, rustic atmosphere, maybe because I grew up in it. And I will probably settle there eventually, especially since the house I am building has year-round furnishings. Maybe not now, but someday, probably in my old age – which means… I still have some time to make a decision! (laughter)

Interviewed by: Jolanta Majewska-Machaj

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