Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Marcin Dorociński in another international film. Will he play alongside Russell Crowe?

Marcin Dorociński he is an actor who is doing better and better in international productions. After the role in the movie “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” (2022) is just starting another foreign project.

The Polish star shared information about the mysterious international production via social media. The actor is believed to be currently in Montreal. It is possible that he will star in the new project Russell Crowe.

In the latest post on social media, the Polish actor tagged Russell Crowe, which caused quite a stir.

“Russell Crowe is playing a nice game Where am I, so I’ll catch it and play it too. So: where am I? Hugs to you, my dears, on the eve of a great adventure. Yours.” – wrote Dorociński on his Facebook on February 28, posting a selfie against the background of a certain landscape.

The actor’s fans managed to identify this place. “Montreal, the clock tower and the Molson brewery” – we read in the comments, pointing to Canada as the place of stay of the Polish star.

On Tuesday, February 27, Dorociński posted a series of slides on Instagram, through which he announced that he had won another casting.

“It’s time to start another adventure. (…) I won another self-tape. For those who felt unsatisfied with screen time in ‘Mission: Impossible’, I have good news. My new project is number 3 in the calendar. And number 1 and number 2 have… Attention, attention! I was joking. I can’t say. Confidentiality clause. Best regards and keep your fingers crossed,” he wrote.

The actor’s entry shows that he will play one of the main roles in a mysterious project, the title of which remains unknown.