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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Series we would like to watch again for the first time

Series “Breaking Bad” starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul is now considered a cult classic. Since its debut in 2008, the story of Walter White, a teacher suffering from cancer and greatly underestimated by his students and family, who, together with his former protégé, Jesse Pinkman, begins producing and selling methamphetamine to provide for his family, has gained recognition as the best series of all time. The production was awarded many times, and was based on a spin-off about a charismatic lawyer – Saul Goodman.

There is no denying that watching Walter White for the first time transform from an ordinary man into a big boss of a drug network is incredibly fascinating. The transformations of the characters, the slow DEA investigation and the grand finale make me want to experience the same emotions again, feeling the same suspense and excitement.

“Game of Thrones” is one of the most popular and best-rated series in recent years. The adaptation of George RR Martin’s prose received a number of awards. The series was full of brutality, sexualization and intrigue. However, the bloody scenes did not deter viewers and today “Game of Thrones” is still the most popular HBO series. There was a lot of talk about the final season, which many fans would probably prefer not to remember, but this does not change the fact that the initial seasons were definitely one of the best in the history of the television series.

I would love to come back to this series to once again feel the thrill of the secrets of the White Walkers, or to watch the innocent Daenerys become the powerful Khaleesi, and her dragons slowly grow up. Although I’m not sure I could survive Robb Stark’s nuptials again.

A unique love story that will survive centuries, trials and all threats. And these vampires – unlike those from “Twilight” – have some character and can be terrifying. Stefan Salvatore returns to his hometown after almost 150 years and meets Elena there. Her face resembles the vampire who made him a vampire. Before the romance can really take off, Stefan’s brother Damon also returns to town. The extraordinary plan that Damon intends to implement will reveal secrets from the past and will result in many victims, because he takes the saying “strive hard to achieve your goal” very literally. In addition to supernatural events, we observe the love affairs of not only vampires and humans, but also werewolves and mysterious hybrids.

It would be great to be able to experience the first surprises again and discover the powers wielded by the main characters. Their exploration of spiritual and magical worlds was captivating from the very first episode.

The series “Black Mirror” is a collection of various stories that reveal to the viewer the worst and most hidden features of people, show how technology can influence the development of society and how it doesn’t take much for a seemingly successful life to collapse like a house of cards.

Each part of this six-season anthology is attention-grabbing and terrifying in its own way. Returning to the initial seasons with a fresh mind must be an amazing experience, although I’m afraid that the “National Anthem” episode is too difficult an experience for “fresh” viewers.

The creators created an interactive film titled “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, which allows viewers to control the fate of the main character, which was also an amazing experience at the first attempt. We can direct the life of a young programmer on truly strange paths.

One of the most confusing, surprising and mysterious series created in recent years. In a small town in Germany where everyone knows each other, two children disappear. Their disappearances begin a spiral of secrets that come to light one by one, causing complete chaos in the minds of viewers. What connects contemporary events with 1986? What happened to the missing children and do I really know who our loved ones are?

The best thing about this series was the complete feeling of being lost, and the longer you watch this production, the less you know. Subsequent seasons add new layers of history to the audience, which further confuse and confuse the entire plot.

The series begins with an assassination attempt. As a result, officers of one of the Border Guard units from the Bieszczady Mountains die, but one of them manages to survive. Viktor Rebrow lost his friends and his beloved in one moment – he is completely lost. He tries to find an answer to the question why this happened and who is responsible for it. Will he be able to solve this puzzle?

“Wataha” is one of the productions that cannot be forgotten. All three seasons are maintained at an equally high level, and the mystery draws you in from the very beginning.

It cannot be denied that the first season is the most absorbing and the first clues in Rebrow’s investigation make a stunning impression. I would gladly give up a few viewings of other productions to be able to experience the shock once again when we, as viewers, find out the truth.