Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Blaze Of Perdition with a new album “Upharsin”. Listen to the single “In the flower of split”

The first longplay in four years Blaze Of Perdition was recorded in several places, including Studio Roslyn, where the drum parts were recorded. He took care of the mixing and mastering of “Upharsin”. Marcin Rybickiguitarist of Blaze Of Perdition and Poznań In Twilight’s Embrace. The cover is a section Contamination Designbehind which he stands Sonnellonlead singer of Blaze Of Perdition.

Just like on the previous album “The Harrowing Of Hearts” from 2020, this time he played bass session Wyrda touring musician for Blaze Of Perdition and also a member of closely related personalities Mānbryne.

The sixth album by Blaze Of Perdition will also be the second album of the band under the colors of the legendary Metal Blade Records. The premiere of “Upharsin” is scheduled for April 19. The material will be available on CD, in digital formats and in three vinyl editions.

The band has just shared the first single from the new album with fans. You can listen to the composition “In the Flower of Split” below:

1. “In the Flower of Disunity”
2. “Through Wounds”
3. “Indelible”
4. “The Architect”
5. “Hammer, Sword and Whip”.