Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Izabela Trojanowska was accused of participating in adult films. “They had an excuse”

Hit star “Everything I Want Today” seven studio albums to his credit. Last – “Diagonally” – was published eight years ago. She performed with Suflera’s booth, Tadeusz Nalepa or group Steel Luggage. However, TV viewers know her best for her role as Monica Ross in “Clan”. Izabela Trojanowska has been present on the scene for over 40 years.

At the beginning of the year, the singer surprised her fans and came back with a new song. “Sky over Warsaw” (check!) was created in cooperation with Bogdan Gajkowski (music) and Andrzej Mogielnicki. She has worked with this duo before – they created, among others, track “Nothing really”which was released on Trojanowska’s second album.

It has long been known that Izabela Trojanowska was not liked by the communist authorities. Now, in an interview with Eska Rock, she revealed that during her emigration she had to deal with rumors that tried to discredit her. There were gossips, among others: that he appears in adult films and even engages in prostitution.

“They started slandering me for working in the oldest profession in the world, making films ‘with the other face’. I got out of it because a Polish-German magazine called ‘City Life’ had just been created, in which I proposed a million West German marks, because that was the currency at that time, whoever brings such a video with me in the main role. No one brought it and the matter went quiet,” she said.

She also revealed that she had suspicions why she was associated with this industry. “We guess they had an excuse, because there was a lady who left at the same time, Teresa Orłowski, who had a little haircut on me, was wearing make-up on me at that time, so maybe she caught a glimpse of the less important ‘other face’ and someone “he realized that it could have been me and it was used nefariously,” he explains.