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Jacob Mendez

Rupert Grint on life without magic. How is the actor coping after “Potter”?

Unlike many other young actors, Grint's family is in no way connected with the broadly understood world of art. His father, Nigel, is a salesman, and his mother, Jo, is a housewife. Rupert caught the acting bug in primary school, where he started attending the drama club. He then performed, among others, in such shows as “Annie” or “Grimm Tales”, and also had the opportunity to play in “Peter Pan”.

When he heard about the auditions for the film “Harry'”Potter's ego”, he immediately signed up. For test shots, he dressed up as… his acting teacher and thanks to an original idea, he soon joined Daniel Radcliffe’ai Emma Watson.

In the adaptation of JK Rowling's novel, Grint played Ron Weasley, the title character's best friend.

Taking part in the shooting of subsequent films, the actor spent his entire childhood on the set, growing up along with his hero.

“I measure my life by the Harry Potter movies. They are deeply ingrained in me. It's very difficult for me to break away from being Ron – I feel like we've become one person. I can't believe it all started 20 years ago. Appearing in These films definitely shaped who I am today. I've mentally closed that chapter, and yet I'm still dealing with this world,” Grint confessed in an interview with The Times.

In turn, in the “Armchair Expert” podcast, he talked about his memories from the set of “Harry’Potter's ego.” The actor admitted that at some point, the childhood excitement and joy gave way to fatigue and overwhelm. The actor described the experience itself as “suffocating.”

“I did the same thing every day for 10 years,” the star recalls.

“Sometimes I just wanted to do something different, see what lay beyond. And the adventure seemed to never end. Every year we came back, it was like ‘Groundhog Day’, same plan, same people. But at the same time it was a great time,” he emphasized.

He also admitted that although more than 10 years have passed since the premiere of the last part of the series, he still has not seen all the films. “I still think it's too early, I don't think I can fully cope with it,” he said.

To unwind from a decade of work on “Harry Potter”, the actor bought an ice cream van and raised pigs and alpacas.

In short breaks between the production of subsequent parts of the series about the little wizard, Grint also played in other films. In 2006, he appeared in “Learning to Drive” – ​​a story about a shy teenager (Grint) who cannot get along with his religious mother (Laura Linney).

Three years later, he starred in the thriller “Explosive Weekend”. He also appeared in Jonathan Lynn's action comedy “Wild Target” (2010) alongside, among others, Bill Nigha’ego, Emily Blunt, Rupert Everett and Martin Freeman and “The Snows of War” (2012), where he played the role of a British pilot during World War II.

In 2017, Grint made his debut in a television production, playing one of the main roles in the series “Snatch” – a television adaptation of Guy Ritchie's cult film of the same title. Grint played Charlie Cavendish – a chaotic flirt from a wealthy family. The actor is also the executive producer of “Snatch”.

We also watched him in the series “The Servant”. It is a story about parents who lost a child. The mother had a worse experience and fell into depression. However, in consultation with a psychologist, it is possible to find a way to improve mental health, although it is controversial. Grint plays the role of a resourceful brother-in-law in the series “Servant”.

“This is probably the worst series you can appear in if you have recently become a parent. We shot the second season in two takes. The break in filming was forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the lockdown, I had a child, so I returned to the set as a parent. It was very strange and definitely changed my perspective on the events depicted in the series. I never would have considered it before,” Grint said.

In 2022, he reunited with his cast members in a special edition prepared by HBO Max to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Harry’Potter's ego.” While he feels it was too early for him to reunite, he admitted that being a part of the series “was a really special experience.”

“It was a good opportunity to think about everything and just say how crazy it was. It's always nice to look back,” he said.

When it comes to recent projects, Rupert Grint has focused on darker productions. He appeared, among others: in the series “Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities”. Viewers also saw him on the big screen in the film “Knocking on the door“.