Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

OFF Festival Katowice 2024: Noise and nostalgia. More artists introduced!

On OFF Festival 2024 will play: Grace Jones, Future Islands, The Blaze, Clavish, Alice Longyu Gao, Bar Italia, DC the Don, Imperial Triumphant, Puma Blue, Hotline TNT, Los Wembler's de Iquitos, blackwinterwells, Debby Friday, John Maus, Nourished by Time, Puuluup, Jasper Tygner, Edyta Bartosiewicz, Sevdaliza, Brutus, Backxwash, Moonchild Sanelly, Leenalchi, Annahstasia, Dominika Płonka.

Les Savy Fav (August 3 – Rossmann Forest Stage Can you feel the atmosphere?)

We've been waiting for a long time for this New York legend to visit Katowice, but it's hard to find a better reason – “Oui, LSF”, the group's sixth album, the first in 14 years, is released in May! Les Savy Fav brought post-hardcore and noise rock into the 21st century, they had hundreds of imitators, but of course no one can compare to the original. Especially live, because the band is famous for concerts where you can't help but sweat, much of which is due to the charismatic frontman Tim Harrington. Come close, this is the experience you come to the OFF Festival for.

Model/Actriz (August 4 – Experimental Stage)

Speaking of the influence of Les Sava Fav… Model/Actriz, their young neighbors, would probably not deny such inspirations, although there are also many other elements in this music, especially the coldness of industrial music and dancepunk energy. If both Pitchfork and Rolling Stone believe that the album “Dogsbody”, the debut of Model/Actriz, is one of the best albums of 2023 – there must be something to it.

Fury (August 4 – T Tent Stage)

A band from Katowice, and yet after years of break they return to OFF in a roundabout way; wandering around abandoned tunnels, playing along to the dance at “The Wedding” at the Stary Theater in Krakow, scaring the townspeople in salons thanks to the nomination for Polityka's Passports. They have never been more uncompromising and more homely – their last year's album “Huta Luna” is proof.

George Clanton (August 2 – Experimental Stage)

An artist raised on punk, considered one of the prophets of vaporwave, who returned in 2023 with the album “Ooh Rap I Ya”. He reinvented himself, although George Clanton's reference point remains late 20th century pop and his favorite emotion is nostalgia – all this has an underground vibe and the natural charm of home-made production.

Snõõper (August 4 – T Tent Stage)

Music is only one element of their concerts, you can expect even puppets and other props that make up this irreverent, punk mess. But the music of the Nashville quintet itself also stands up, which is confirmed by the content of “Super Snõõper”, their debut album, released by Jack White and recommended by Henry Rollins.

Okay (August 2 – Perlage Main Stage)

They came from different places and met in Gdańsk while studying at the Academy of Music. They were united by their love of jazz, but without jealousy, which does not exclude the possibility of following others – funk, afrobeat, hip-hop or tech. They refer to the 1970s, the golden era of Polish pop music, but they sound like the future. And the concerts are played in such a way that you better strap yourself to the ground with something. Their debut took place at the 2022 Great September Festival.

Borderlands (August 3 – Rossmann Forest Stage Can you feel the atmosphere?)

Łódzkie Kresy play this type of post-punk that contrasts poetic, dreamy lyrics with nervous, dense, intense music in an equally fascinating and irritating way. It's impossible to escape this energy, it's impossible not to return to their recordings – two EPs so far: “Lumer” and “Another Soft Dream” – for new discoveries. They also made their debut on Great September – in 2023.

The host of the festival is City of KatowiceMain Sponsor – perlage, Sponsor of the Forest Stage – Rossmann Can you feel the vibe? OFF Festival Katowice 2024 will take place on August 2-4, 2024, traditionally in the Valley of the Three Ponds.

Three-day passes are available on the website for PLN 545 and three-day passes with a camping site for PLN 681.50.

OFF Festival, initiated by Artur Rojek, has been present on the Polish music scene since 2006. It constantly fascinates with its new and unique atmosphere, including: through the selection of artists. Every year in Katowice you can hear bands and artists from all over the world who will soon set trends in alternative music. In the TOP BRAND 2023 report, prepared by PSMM Monitoring & More, OFF Festival was among the top 5 of all festivals organized in Poland, in terms of, among others: brand strength and sentiment.