Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Wojciech Mann summed up the changes in TVP with Krzysztof Stanowski. Strong words were spoken

Wojciech Mann in the world of journalism it is a brand in itself. The translator, presenter, songwriter and journalist dabbled in various aspects of the profession and was always famous for his deep voice timbre and great professionalism. And although he has not appeared on TVP, where he hosted, for over 12 years “A chance for success”viewers still warmly remember his presence in the famous show.

After the change of government in the autumn elections, there was also a revolution in the public media. Many people who were previously associated with this station returned to TVP. Wojciech Mann emphasized that no one asked him about returning, and besides, he felt good Radio Nowy Świat (this online station was founded by journalists previously associated with Radio Three).

Now the 76-year-old journalist has accepted the invitation Krzysztof Stanowski to his new one Channel Zero. During the over 2-hour conversation, there was also the topic of assessing the new TVP.

Mann firmly stated that he did not like both the previous and current government on public television. He also agreed with Stanowski's suggestion that the new TVP team wants the television to still be partisan, although perhaps in a less obvious way.

“I have the impression that this is, I regret to say, a valid point, because these political conductors on all sides have somehow become convinced in this opinion that this is a very useful tool. Therefore, it will not be useful enough that teaches and provides entertainment, but you have to put in it, as Wańkowicz once said, 'didactic stink', let's say propaganda,” said Wojciech Mann.

“I don't paint myself in any color, I'm neither a leftist, nor a rightist, nor a symmetryist, I'm just a guy who doesn't like shallow statements, fraud, theft, no matter who does it,” added the journalist.