Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Roxie Węgiel’s mother is a candidate in the elections. What does the star say?

Roxie Coal (Look!) is one of the most popular Polish stars of the young generation. The 19-year-old singer who won Junior Eurovision in 2018, and now she is a participant in the program “Dancing With The Stars. Dancing with the Stars”, she seemed to be surprised that her mother would run in the provincial assembly elections. Podkarpackie. 41-year-old Edyta Węgiel is running in district no. 5, which covers Krosno and the following counties: Jasło, Brzozów, Krosno, Bieszczady, Lesko and Sanok.

“I support her very much in every decision she makes. I don’t comment on political issues here because I am an apolitical artist and a person who works in the media, so I don’t want to comment on my political views here, but I support my mother in everything. what she does,” Roksana admitted in a conversation with Plejada.

Meanwhile, Roxie Węgiel did not expect that her mother would want to run in the elections. “I must admit that she surprised me, but in a positive way, because I am glad that it makes her develop and feel good. I keep my fingers crossed for her, for her sense of fulfillment and for this happiness and fulfillment to always accompany her.” – says the 19-year-old star.

Meanwhile, Edyta Węgiel, in an interview with Nowiny24, revealed the goals of her campaign and what she would like to change as a councilor of the local council. The most important thing for her is the future of the next generations. She added that she fully identified with the values ​​presented by her party.

“I am observing what is happening in our country and the current situation is causing concern. As for Roksanka, we always support each other as a family, but I would not like my daughter’s activities and my participation in the elections to be combined. My daughter is an adult, “She is not associated with any political option and electoral decisions are her private matter,” emphasizes the singer’s mother.