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Jacob Mendez

In the final of “The Voice of Poland” he lost only to Dominik Dudek. Łukasz Drapała begins a love affair with the mainstream

Łukasz Drapała at the beginning of February, he announced that he was leaving the rock group after 13 years (with a short break). Chemistry (check!). The 42-year-old singer has decided to focus on his solo activities for now, in which he focuses on “mixing genres, experimenting, surprising listeners, but most of all – romance with the mainstream.”

He has just released a song on his own account “You won’t be alone”in which he is accompanied by a drummer Tomek Harry Waldowskiknown for cooperation with such artists as, among others, LemON, Mazolewski/Porter, Kayah, Daria Zawiałow, Renata Przemyk, Chłopcy Kontra Basia, Dagadana i Klezmafour.

“As soon as I heard the arrangement that Tomek Harry Waldowski sent me, I immediately knew that the melody that was born in me would awaken a special text and then an image. I would like to dedicate all this to my most beloved wife, Monika (she accompanies him as his manager – note). ed.). This is my gift for her. This is probably not the last song in which I will tell you about our love,” says Łukasz Drapała.

Responsible for the music video Mateusz Winkiel (he has produced clips for such various artists as, among others, Behemoth, Halina Mlynkova, Star Guard Muffin, Hunter, Popek, Coma, Illusion, Vienio, Grzegorz Turnau Whether happysad), and the script was written by Łukasz Drapała himself.

In 2022, it appeared to the general public in the 13th edition “The Voice of Poland”. In the TVP show, he won the hearts of all the coaches – he finally chose him Lanberry and under her wings he reached the finals, where he took second place.

This was not his first adventure with talent shows. Previously, he tried his hand at “I have a talent“, where he delighted the jurors and the audience. Agnieszka Chylińska she found it awkward to judge Drapała as an artist of this class.

His appearance in “The Voice of Poland” caused quite a surprise. Some viewers were surprised that such an experienced singer was trying his hand at such a program. Others were not entirely convinced that Drapała should take part in the talent show, since he already had many years of career behind him.

“So far I have represented the rock and blues niche and I came here because I need it, despite all the demons that appear around. Some comments say that I am a bit too old or that I have too many albums under my belt. No, Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t look like that. If everything were wonderful, I wouldn’t be here,” the singer said on TVP.

Ultimately considered one of the favorites, he took second place in the final. Viewers bet on Dominica Dudek from the team Tomson and Baron.

“I had an appetite for everything in this program and I tried to communicate it directly, but if it weren’t for this appetite, there wouldn’t even be a second place. I’m extremely proud that we managed to reach the final two. I think it’s a victory,” he explained in the interview. from Jastrzębie Post.

Łukasz Drapała also sang in the guitarist’s project Kuba Płuciszathe first leader of the team IRA.

The singer’s predecessor in Chemia was a supporting vocalist Patrycja Markowska Marcin Koczot, with whom the band recorded their debut album “Dobra Chemia” (2010). After his departure and replacement by Łukasz Drapała, the group released a reissue of their debut titled “O2”, on which the new vocalist sang the songs in Polish and English versions.

With Drapała in the lineup, the band released the EP “In the Eye” (2012), the albums “The One Inside” (2013) and “Let Me” (2015). In the fall of 2016, an announcement was made that Chemia was temporarily suspending its operations.

This was due to the departure of Łukasz Drapała (he focused on his project Chevy) and changing the rules of cooperation with the guitarist Maciej Mąka (including Agnieszka Chylińska, Maciej Balcar). He was succeeded by Drapała Mariusz “Mario” Dybaknown to the television audience for, among others, “The Voice of Poland” and “Must be the music”which then appeared in “Idol”. Ultimately, Dyba won the Polsat music program.

In March 2018, Drapała finally returned to the Chemia band, simultaneously operating under the banner Łukasz Drapała & Chevy. With this second project, he released his debut album in 2019 “Monsters”. Two years later, the album “40/70 Gintrowski” appeared.

Check out the lyrics of the song “I hate” on Tekś!

In 2022, Chemia released the album “Something To Believe In”. The producer is responsible for the sound of the album Andy Taylorguitarist and composer known for his collaboration with Duran Duran, The Almighty, Robert Palmer and Rod Stewart. Taylor is also the author of all the lyrics on the album.