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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Forbidden Fruit” episodes 434, 435, 436, 437, 438. When and where to watch?

Forbidden fruit” tells the story of two sisters, Yildiz and Zeynep. They were born in a poor district of Istanbul, where they still live. Despite this, every single one of them he dreams of promotion to higher society. The girls plan to achieve their goal in a completely different way. One of the sisters wants to marry a rich man. The second one wants to achieve success on her own.

However, he stands in their way Ender Argun. A wealthy woman extends a helping hand to them and gives you the opportunity to achieve your goal faster. The sisters take advantage of the offer, which completely changes their lives. “Forbidden Fruit” is a series full of intrigue and unexpected plot twists that can be addictive.

Evidence against Altay was found by Ender. The woman uses this for blackmail. Engin is hit on by Ender. However, the boy does not seem interested in her. It is in Yildiz that he sees his love. Yildiz is in love with Dogan, and the lovers confess their love to each other again. Asuman is trying to find another spouse for Zeyn.

The Emir tries to convince Sedahi to get married. Yildiz, on the other hand, wants to get Dogan’s attention. The girl and her family host Ender and Engine. Altay’s blackmailing is endless, Ender is merciless to him. Yildiz confesses to Dogan that he will accept him, if he gets rid of Hilal.

Agreements between Engine and Yildiz they don’t look like they should to others. Because of this, Kumru perceives them completely differently than she expected. This results in gossip. Hilal tries to quarrel Dogan with Yildiz. In a conversation with Ender, Engin confesses that Yildiz is in his heart.

Although Ender was the one who intimidated Altay, she wasn’t the one who told his secrets to everyone. This Kumru decides to make all his lies public. Dogan’s alleged proposal brings results that Yildiz absolutely does not expect. Everyone is shocked Dogan’s decision. Ender decides to quit his job at Engin’s.

Kumru returns home, which is due to Ender treatments. Yildiz decides to disrupt Dogan and Ender’s wedding. For this, the girl receives a declaration of love from Engin. Dogan decides to break up with Hilal. The woman wants to take revenge.

Series Forbidden fruit” can be watched on TVP2. Since the premiere on Polish television, episodes have been shown every day from Monday to Friday at 5:15 p.m. We will watch episodes 434, 435, 436, 437 and 438 of “Forbidden Fruit” specifically:

  • episode 434 – Monday 25 March at 17:15 on TVP2;
  • episode 435 – Tuesday March 26 at 17:15 on TVP2;
  • episode 436 – Wednesday March 27 at 17:15 on TVP2;
  • episode 437 – Thursday March 28 at 17:15 on TVP2;
  • episode 438 – Friday March 29 at 17:15 on TVP2.

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