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“Rojst. Millennium”: Magdalena Różczka doesn’t watch herself on screen, but she made an exception

From February 28, we can watch the final season of one of the best, most popular Polish crime series on Netflix. “Rojst. Millennium” it closes the threads, completes the stories of key characters and is a perfect example of how series finales should be created.

“‘Rojst: Millenium’ is a worthy ending to the trilogy, which will not only bring satisfaction to fans of the series, but will intrigue new viewers. However, it will be best if you refresh yourself with the previous seasons before the screening – a marathon with “Rojstem” is highly recommended, because only then everything fits into one beautiful whole” – writes Katarzyna Ulman in a review for Interia.

So what awaits viewers in the final episodes?

The fight for the truth will begin, but there will also be those who will want to bury the sins of the past for good at all costs… The guide through the meanders of the beginnings of the brutal world will be the enigmatic figure of the Manager of the Centrum Hotel, taking the first steps in his successful career, in whom he plays brilliantly Filip Pławiak.

At the threshold of the millennium, old cases will gain new meaning, but before they come to light, residents, police and authorities in the city in Gronty will face completely new crimes, criminal stories and non-obvious clues. Unraveling the mystery behind the disappearance of Wanda Zarzycka will become the main goal not only of her father Piotr (David Gardener), but also Sergeant Anny Jass (Magdalena Różczka), who will return to the city after personal ordeal.

Adam Mika (Łukasz Simlat), who wants to solve his latest case, his goal is to unravel the cause of the death of a girl found in the local forest. A smart and insightful policeman, Dzidzia, who was promoted after the success of the last investigation, will lead the case of death at the Centrum hotel. However, Wanycz (Andrzej Seweryn) will become a source of information for journalists, the police and deputy prosecutor Matwiejska (Marianna Gierszewska).

In a six-episode series “Rojst Millenium” We will also discover the fate of the honorable Jassijej, played by Janusz Gajos and Tomasz Schuchardt over two time periods (the 1960s and the 1990s).

Magdalena Różczka w “Claim” plays the role of Sergeant Anna Jass. Introverted, closed off, with secrets… In the final season, we learn about her past. We find out what could have influenced and shaped her. In a conversation with Interia, Różczka says: what emotional state her heroine is in at the beginning of the final episode.

“It was an interesting experience for me. In the second season, I built the character of Jass for the first time. In the third season, firstly, I was afraid that I would have to step into the same shoes for the second time, and secondly, I received additional challenges in the form of knowledge of what had happened in Jass’s life over the last two years, and a lot had happened. Such things that remain irrevocably in the memory, in the mind, in the life of this woman” – says the actress.

Różczka admitted that the emotions she conveys to her character on screen influence her as a person.

“I say this on behalf of various actors, our body and mind, heart, do not really know for sure which experiences are ours and which are our characters’, so something definitely remains there” – claims.

Magdalena Różczka revealed in an interview for Interia that he rarely sees himself on screen. In case of “Rojsta” this experience was different from her previous projects.

“I rarely see myself. Often, as part of my studies, I look with one eye. It’s never like watching a movie calmly, but just looking at yourself and saying: ‘what did I do there and what could I have done better?’ In the case of ‘Rojsta 97’, I remember the first materials I watched and thought: ‘Damn, I like her. I was interested in the plot, regardless of whether I was on screen or not. I managed to stop judging anything, especially myself” – she confessed.

“Now I had a strange experience. After a long time, it turned out that I was supposed to be Jass again. At first I was very happy because it was a great adventure for me. Later I saw ‘Rojst 97’ to remember where Anna was. I looked in the mirror and had a panic attack that she was gone and I wouldn’t find her. Later, I added the work of scriptwriters and a director, I calmed down and continued with Rojst. Millennium”‘. It is undoubtedly a great adventure and experience for me, playing someone who is so far from me.” – adds the actress.

Professional partner of Anna Jass in “Claim” is Senior Sergeant Adam Mika, played by Łukasz Simlat. Its characteristic feature is stuttering. The unique acting was appreciated by viewers and critics after the premiere “Rojsta 97′”. What was the cooperation between Różczka and Simlat like on the set?

“We spent a lot of time together offstage on set and he is an extraordinary man. It was a great pleasure for me to meet him at work. When we were playing our scenes, I looked at him and thought that something strange had happened because we were using completely different means. Like you take fire and water when it comes to acting. Something completely different. Sometimes I wondered whether it would really look good together on screen. After seeing us together, it’s a great surprise to me that it somehow works” – concluded the actress.

“Rojst. Millennium” You can watch it on Netflix from February 28.

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