Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Do you remember them from the TV series “Vikings?” Heilung returns to Poland for one concert

“The international European trio are experts in building atmosphere and maintaining drama. There is no coincidence here, only an extensive historical story with very carefully weighed accents,” we read in the announcement.

Heilung in his work he combines dark folk, ambient and ethnic music with accentuated historical threads. In the final series “Vikings” (2019) featured Heilung songs, which further added to the band’s popularity.

“Remember – we are all brothers. All people, animals, trees, stone and wind, we all come from one great being that was always there, before people came to life and named it, before the first seed sprouted,” said the musicians while promoting their third album. “Drif” from August 2022

Tickets (PLN 199-329 – pre-sale, PLN 220-350 – on the day of the concert) for the performance at the Forest Opera in Sopot will go on sale on February 28 from 10.

They will appear as supports Sowula (dark folk from the Netherlands) and Calender from Norway, which combines art-pop with rock dynamics and the fairy-tale nature of Scandinavian folk.