Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Rebecca Ferguson humiliated by a famous actor. Dwayne Johnson came to her defense

Rebecca Ferguson is currently promoting the epic spectacle that it is “Dune: Part Two”. In it, she played the mother of the main character, Paul Atreides. On this occasion, she was recently a guest on the “Reign with Josh Smith” podcast. In it, the actress recalled her beginnings in Hollywood. She revealed that on the set of one of her first films she was a victim of abuse by a famous star.

“I was shooting a film with an absolute id… of a famous actor playing with me. I remember there was a moment when this person didn’t feel very comfortable and reacted with anger because he wasn’t able to act properly. And I felt “she felt so vulnerable that she screamed at me. And because this person was at the top of the cast, there was no protection for me. No one supported me, and I cried when I walked off the set,” Ferguson recalled.

The 40-year-old Swedish woman did not reveal which actor she might be talking about. However, she stressed that she was not talking about Tom Cruise, with whom she starred in the “Mission: Impossible” series, or Hugh Jackman, who co-starred with her in the movie “The King of Entertainment”.

“This person said unpleasant things to me. ‘And you call yourself an actress?!’, ‘I have to work with someone like that?!’. The whole team listened to this. I stood there and was close to breaking down. I was afraid of confrontation, but the next day I found myself in strength. I looked at this person and said, ‘You can fuck off… I’ll play while looking at a tennis ball, and I don’t want to see you ever again!’ I remember the producers came to me and said I couldn’t talk to them like that stars. They didn’t intend to send her away from the set,” said the artist.

Ferguson didn’t give up. She said she wouldn’t play but would watch the back of her head. “And I did. I think it shouldn’t have played out this way. Afterwards, I went to talk to the director. He agreed with me. He promised to get rid of this person because, in his opinion, she was unbalanced. It was a great moment for me, but it took a while before I decided to do something like this,” concluded the “Dune” star.

Dwayne Johnson, who starred with her in the film “Hercules” in 2014, decided to respond to Ferguson’s words.

“It’s bad to hear, but it’s great that she stood up to the shit… treatment,” wrote “The Rock” on X (formerly Twitter). “Rebecca was my guardian angel sent from heaven to the set, I love this woman,” the actor assured.

“I would like to find out who did it,” the popular “The Rock” concluded his entry.

After Cruise and Jackman were excluded from the group of “suspects”, it is said that Ferguson may have had Hugh Grant in mind, with whom she appeared in the film “The Divine Florence”. The Swedish woman once refused to do a joint interview with the Briton. Some believe that her words could also refer to Michael Fassbender, whom she co-starred in the thriller “The First Snow”.