Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Accept: Check out the title track from the new album “Humanoid”. “It’s impressive and provocative!”

As previously announced, on February 28, the title track and the first single from “Humanoid”, the new longplay, were released. Acceptthe production of which was once again the responsibility of a British specialist Andy Sneap. Recording, mixing and mastering took place at the Backstage studio in Derbyshire, England. The cover of “Humanoid”, like the two previous Accept albums, was designed by a Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák.

“The title track touches on the ubiquitous theme of artificial intelligence. In a strange way, we have entered exciting times… The digital revolution is having a huge impact, probably more than anything humanity has ever gone through. The industrial revolution was huge, but this one may be even bigger, and we are only at the beginning. However, we are also a little afraid that humanity will get lost in all this and will be pushed to the side. The song is impressive and provoking! – Accept musicians talk about the single “Humanoid”.

The album “Humanoid” will go on sale on April 26 on the Austrian Napalm Records.

Let us remind you that as part of the large-scale “Humanoid Tour 2024”, Accept will play at this year’s edition Mystic Festival, which will take place on June 5-8 at the Gdańsk Shipyard. Let us add that at all concerts in Europe, as we wrote about in January, the band’s concert guitarist will be the well-known Whitesnake American Joel Hoekstra.

You can watch the music video for the single “Humanoid” by Accept below:

1. “Diving Into Sin”
2. “Humanoid”
3. “Frankenstein”
4. “Man Up”
5. “The Reckoning”
6. “Nobody Gets Out Alive”
7. “Ravages Of Time”
8. “Unbreakable”
9. “Mind Games”
10. “Straight Up Jack”
11. “Southside Of Hell”.