Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Peaky Blinders”: A film based on the cult series is being made. Starring an Oscar winner

“Peaky Blinders” is a British production about the gangster Shelby family from Birmingham. The series had six seasons and a crowd of loyal fans who found it difficult to accept that the recording of new episodes had ended. The last episodes were broadcast in 2022.

However, the creators did not leave the viewers with nothing. Information quickly leaked to the media that they were planning a film spin-off of the series.

“I would be very excited if I got the script. However, I think it's worth taking a break and regrouping. If it turns out that we actually have more stories to tell, I will definitely take part in it,” he assured some time ago Cillian Murphythis year's Oscar winner for “Oppenheimer”, playing the main character of the series.

“The series owes its phenomenal global success to the brilliance and hard work of a loyal team. Ten years have passed and the story is not over yet. Watch this space,” he argued StevenKnightcreator of the series.

Knight recently gave an interview to “Birmingham World” in which he revealed when work on the film version of “Peaky Blinders” will begin. He also assured fans that we would see Cillian Murphy in it.

“He's definitely coming back,” he said of the Oscar winner. “We start filming in September in Digbeth,” Knight revealed.