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“Outlander: Blood of My Blood”: New actors in the cast! They will play the audience’s favorites

The axis of the plot will be the story of Jamie’s parents (Sam Heughan), Ellen MacKeznie and Brian Fraser. It turns out that in addition to the stories of Jamie’s (Sam Hughan) ancestors, the series will also present them two love stories in parallel – the Frasers and Claire’s parentsand the story is to take place on two time planes – in 18th-century Scotland and in England during World War I.

Main roles as stated on official social media channels, will be played by Harriet Slater (Ellen) and Jamie Roy (Brian). They will be their partners on screen Hermione Corfield (as Julia Moriston) and Jeremy Irvine (Henry Beauchamp) as Claire’s parents.

New actors have joined the cast of the STARZ hit (in Poland the series is available on Netflix) and will play younger versions of famous characters. Rory Alexander will play Murtagh Fraser, Sam Retford will play Dougal MacKenzie. Seamus McLean Ross is Colum MacKenzie and Conor MacNeil is Ned Gowan.

The work on the set was announced by ralso the author of the “Outalnder” series. Diana Gabaldona posted an entry on Facebook in which she revealed that filming of the prequel started on January 22, and from what she saw in the photos for the first episode, she liked what she saw.

The 7th season consists of sixteen instead of eight episodes “Outlander” debuted in 2023. In Poland the first eight episodes are available on Netflix. We don’t know the release date of the second part yet. Filming for the eighth series is scheduled to begin soon.

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