Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Is Kristen Stewart giving up acting? I can’t believe what his plans are now

In 2018, during the Cannes Film Festival, Kristen Stewart announced that intends to direct a filmwhich is an adaptation of the novel “Water Chronology” by Lidia Yuknavitch. Work on the project has not yet started because the actress has problems with obtaining funds.

In an interview with the industry magazine “Variety”, the star stated that if he does not direct this film, he’s definitely done with acting.

“I will shoot this film before I start any other work. Yes, if I have no choice, I will leave this business. I will not appear in any other film until I finish this. I am confident that I will finally manage to get everything sorted out,” she announced.

He is to play the main role in the film, which is to be an adaptation of “Water Chronology”. Imogen Poots (“A Girl Worth Sinning”), and the producer himself Ridley Scott (“Good Year”, “Gucci House”, “Gladiator”). The script was written by Stewart herself, together with Andy Mingo, the husband of the author of the book original.

“The film I want to make may be unattractive to investors. But the action and the story are absolutely moving,” Stewart confessed.

What is the autobiographical “Water Chronology” about? The book was published in Poland by Wydawnictwo Czarne.

“Everything I store in my memory swirls around the events in my life like water,” writes Lidia Yuknavitch, making this element the central point of the story about her life. And it wasn’t easy. Because are there words that can convey a mother’s pain after losing her child? Is it possible to describe growing up in a home filled with father’s anger? And how to present years of self-destruction fueled by alcohol, drugs and sex? According to the publisher, the book is also a voice of opposition to the tyranny of modern culture, which tries to convince women how they should live.

Even though Kristen Stewart is threatening to quit acting, she’s unlikely to disappear from screens anytime soon. Two films with her participation will be shown during the upcoming Sundance Festival: a thriller “Love Lies Bleeding” and sci-fi romance “Love Me”. The actress has also finished shooting for the road comedy “Sacramento”.