Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Golden Fryderyk Awards 2024: We know the winners. Who will receive the prestigious statuettes?

Golden Fryderyk Awards are honorary distinctions awarded by the Council of the Phonographic Academy to artists who have made particular contributions to Polish musical culture.

In 2024, the first of four Golden Fryderyk statuettes was awarded in the pop music category Martyna Jakubowicz (check!) – one of the most recognizable Polish singers and composers.

“For her, blues and folk are just an excuse to create her own, very personal music,” he wrote about her Marek Garztecki in “Przekrój” in 1980, and Jakubowicz has been proving that this is true for years. The song “There is no free love in houses made of concrete” (1982) occupied the first position on the Radio Three charts for many weeks. Recently, she recalled the hit in a modern version – with a hip-hop duo PRO8L3M.

“The Girl with Edward’s Music Box” (1995) and “Okruchy Życie” (2010) were nominated for the Fryderyk Award, but the singer received the statuette itself only in 2016 for the album “Prosta Song”, of which she was also a co-producer. Jakubowicz has released 15 albums, the last one “Zwykły włódęga” – in 2018.

“She is a songwriter of freedom and independence, an individualist who has been following a separate musical path for over four decades. She has a unique voice that combines a hippie chic, blues nostalgia with interpretive delicacy. She has released albums that create a lasting chapter not only in Polish history pop music, but above all in the history of the language of femininity in Polish songs,” he summed up her work Leszek Gnoińskijournalist, writer, filmmaker and member of the Council of the Phonographic Academy.

The Academy Council awarded the second Golden Fryderyk in the pop music category this year Sebastian Imbierowicz known as DJ 600 Volt – the creator of the first stage of the hip-hop scene in our country. He discovered a lot of talents – among them are: Molesta, Sokół, Tede, Pezet Whether Hemp Dec. His albums inspired thousands and created a solid foundation. The songs that were not broadcast by radio stations: “I knew it would be like this”, “I’m not a k. businessman”, “Osiedle swoi”, “A poznasz jak”, “Wychylylybymy”, “Mercedes s 600”, “Sami swoi” – became anthems of a generation.

“For my generation, people who grew up at the turn of the 1990s and 2000s and were fascinated by the emerging Polish hip-hop scene at that time, DJ 600 Volt is an absolutely cult figure. Sebastian’s activities reached us in many fields: via radio waves, during events organized by him, and, above all, on the legendary albums he produced,” says the head of the Polish branch of Def Jam Recordings, a member of the Phonographic Academy Council, about Imbierowicz. Witek Michalak.

In recent years, the creator has released a number of albums, including part of the soundtrack to the film “Fantastic Mat Parrey” – he generated all compositions based on “space sounds” taken from NASA audio libraries. Imbierowicz is involved in production and teaches arranging and mixing at the Academy of Sound Realization in Warsaw.

At the request of the jazz section of the Council of the Phonographic Academy, the Golden Fryderyk will be awarded this year Kazimierz Jonkisz – jazz musician, drummer and teacher. Since graduating from music studies in 1971, Jonkisz has been consistently developing his career. He collaborated with leading Polish jazz artists such as: Zbigniew Namysłowski, Leszek Możdżer, Tomasz Stańko, Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski Whether Michał Urbaniak and with internationally renowned artists such as Al Cohn, Amina Claudine Myers, Monty Waters, Eddie Henderson, Bob Sheppard Whether Tim Hagans.

In 1978, he began giving concerts as the first leader-drummer in Poland. Two years later he made his debut with his own quintet International Jazz Music Festival “Jazz Jamboree” and recorded his first album, Tiri Tak, from the “Polish Jazz” series. He participated in the recording of about 70 albums and played at the largest jazz festivals, including: Molde International Jazz Festival, New Port in Belgrade Jazz Festival, Bergamo Jazz Festival, Havana Jazz or Temecula International Jazz Festival.

“His contribution to Polish jazz music is undeniable, and he himself is a great source of inspiration for younger generations of musicians,” says the drummer and teacher, member of the Council of the Phonographic Academy of the jazz music section, about the winner. Paweł Dobrowolski.

By decision of the Council of the Phonographic Academy in the classical music section, the Golden Fryderyk for achievements in classical music will be awarded Krzysztof Meyer. This outstanding Polish composer, pianist, teacher and book author studied composition at the Krakow State Higher School of Music in the class Stanisław Wiechowiczand after his death – u Krzysztof Penderecki. In 1964, 1966 and 1968, he completed his studies in composition and piano playing under the supervision of Nadia Boulanger in Paris. He was friends with the greatest artists of his time: Krzysztof Penderecki, Witold Lutosławski, Dmitri Shostakovich.

He is considered the heir to the avant-garde tradition, a continuator of the idea of ​​the revival of Polish music as part of the opening to the world after the thaw of 1956 and the Warsaw Autumn Festival.

He composed over 100 songs. These include the opera “Cyberiad” based on Stanisław Lem’s stories, the oratorio Creation of the World, Mass for mixed choir and orchestra and nine symphonies for various orchestral and vocal ensembles. Meyer’s instrumental achievements include 15 concertos and 15 string quartets, as well as several dozen chamber and solo works, most often written for piano and cello, but also for organ and saxophone. He performed as a pianist for many years and also gave lectures on contemporary music in many countries. Meyer is the author of a monograph on Dymitr Shostakovich, co-author of a monograph on Witold Lutosławski and one hundred and several dozen articles. His music is presented all over the world both at contemporary music festivals and as part of concert seasons of music institutions.

“Krzysztof Meyer is a contemporary classic. The success of his music is confirmed by numerous album recordings presenting most of his opuses. All performers collaborating with him are delighted with his comprehensive knowledge, brilliant memory and musical ear, absolute knowledge of the entire repertoire of symphonic and chamber music (…) Master, erudite, friend of musicians, enthusiast of beauty in music. In his hands, the Golden Fryderyk is the common joy of the entire – not only Polish – musical community,” emphasizes the conductor, member of the Council of the Phonographic Academy Łukasz Borowicz.

Fryderyki are prestigious awards of the Polish music industry. Since 1995, they have been awarded by the Phonographic Academy – a jury appointed by the Association of Audio Video Producers, which selects the competition winners through a secret, two-stage vote. The exception are the winners of the Golden Fryderyk Awards – an honorary distinction awarded unanimously by the Academy Council, representing the Phonographic Academy, to artists who have made particular contributions to Polish musical culture.

This year’s Popular Music and Jazz Gala will take place on March 22 in Gliwice. He received a record number of eight Fryderyk nominations Vito Bambino.

They received five nominations each Daria Zawiałow, sanah, Hania Rani, Mruzu and Lech Janerka.