Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Oscar nominations scandal! The director of “Barbie” broke the silence

The decision of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which not only did not nominate Greta Gerwig for directing the film “Barbie”but she also skipped it Margot Robbie in the best leading actress category, she was called a scandal.

For a long time, Gerwig did not comment on this situation. Recently, in an interview with Time magazine, the director broke her silence.

“Of course I wanted this nomination for Margot. But I’m just happy that we can all be in this together. My mom’s friend said she couldn’t believe I didn’t get nominated. I said I did. )” – says Gerwig.

The director of “Barbie” admitted that she was happy to be nominated for the screenplay, so the chance for an Oscar was not lost. Margot Robbie also has a chance to win an Oscar for “Barbie”. She is one of the producers of this film, which was nominated in the most important category for the best film of the year. What did the actress say about Gerwig’s lack of directing nominations?

“Of course, I think that Greta should get a nomination for directing. What she did happens once in a lifetime. She did something amazing,” she confessed.

Greta Gerwig will soon start working on two films from the “Chronicles of Narnia” series, which she will produce for the Netflix streaming platform. In a new interview, she reveals that she wrote the first draft of the script for the first film before the shooting of “Barbie” began.

“Knowing that I had laid the groundwork for ‘Narnia’ and wanted to return to it is good for me from a psychological point of view. I know that the best thing for me is to just keep making films. Whatever happens, good or bad, you have to keep going.” “- explains the director.