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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

‘Peaky Blinders’: Is this really the end of the series? Cillian Murphy replies

Murphy he said directly that he would no longer play the role of Thomas Shelby. Instead, he is now focusing on other projects.

However, this does not mean the complete end of the world created in the series “Peaky Blinders”. The streaming platform Netflix is ​​already planning its spin-offs. The first one is supposed to be a sequel to the series. The second one will be its prequel and will focus on the character of Polly Gray. In the original series, she was played by Helen McCrory, who died in 2021. Both productions are in the initial stage of development.

“Peaky Blinders” is a British production about the gangster Shelby family from Birmingham. The series had six seasons and a crowd of loyal fans who found it difficult to accept that the recording of new episodes had ended. The last episodes aired in 2022.

StevenKnightthe creator of the series, suggested in a few sentences that the story of the gangster family could be further developed, not only in the upcoming feature film.

“The series owes its phenomenal global success to the brilliance and hard work of a loyal team. Ten years have passed and the story is not over yet. Watch this space,” he wrote.