Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Kacper Kuszewski on “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. “I feel like I’m in first grade”

It was already known after the end of the 19th edition of the program “Your face sounds familiar” it will return to the air in the next season. However, this will not be an ordinary edition. “It will be something special, ‘The best of the best of #TTBZ!’. The finalists of previous editions will be on stage. The best of the best! There will be a lot going on,” announced the producers.

The first episode of the anniversary edition will be available to Polsat viewers on March 8. Before this, we talked to one of the participants – Kacper Kuszewski.

Oliwia Kopcik, Interia: Most participants say that training at “TTBZ” is the most difficult thing they have ever done, and when there is an opportunity, everyone comes back. How is it?

Kacper Kuszewski: – Oh no, not everyone comes back (laughter). I hear that some people have memories that are so… difficult, that the stress, the effort were overwhelming. When I came as a participant, I expected the worst and was very positively surprised. Because yes, there is a lot of stress, because every week there is the premiere of something completely new, but there is also great joy and great satisfaction in working with all these fantastic people who create this program. An army of people works for the participants’ performance, to make us look like that, move like that, make it sound like that, the background music is like that, what we see behind our backs, the dancers, the choreography, the light – all this works for the final effect.

It was a great joy and pleasure for me, but also a very interesting lesson in professional skills, I learned new things.

You have experience both as a juror and as a participant, which of these roles is more difficult?

– I always say that I prefer to be a participant because then I can prepare for the performance and I know what to do on stage every second. When I’m sitting as a juror… these performances flash by very quickly, we’re sitting on the sidelines, trying to see what happened, and then there’s a microphone and you have to say something from yourself – witty, interesting, so that it has both arms and legs and so as not to repeat it. what has already been said before us. So I definitely prefer to be a participant.

But I admit that if you expect that in this edition of “the best of the best” we will serve only masterful performances from the first episode, then no (laughter). I don’t remember how to do it, and besides, you always start from scratch. I feel like I’m in first grade, so keep your fingers crossed.

Being a participant is not only hard work, but you also have to keep a lot of distance from yourself. I admit that I cry with laughter every time I watch your performance as Maryla Rodowicz.

– (laughter). It worked out surprisingly well. I like this show because there is a surprise at every turn. You never know how it’s going to turn out until you get off the stage. It’s also an interesting training for me as an actor, because whenever we go on stage, we try to be sure that everything will be fine. And there is no time to build such confidence, because it is only a few days, so you have to be ready for the fact that it will be a total, spectacular failure in front of everyone. And yes, it requires distance.

First of all, I try to remember that yes, someone has to win in this program, but it is not a test of my skills, it is, above all, supposed to be good fun, and everyone benefits, because let’s not forget that the winnings in this program are intended for for charity.

Do you have a role that you remember best?

– I remember them all the best, I can’t choose one favorite. I have great sentiment for each of them and each of them has a story, but that would be a topic for an interview (laughter).

Finally, this is just wishful thinking – who would you like to play as in this edition?

– I don’t do that either, because it makes it harder! I don’t know what this reel will throw at me, I’m open to anything. I don’t set my sights on anything, because I know that it only gets in the way, because you cling to certain ideas, and here you have to be completely open to what fate will bring.