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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“On the Signal”: Episode 581. She will create a jealous scene for him! Will their marriage survive?

Vick very she will quickly find out that life with his newlywed Wanda will not be a bed of roses. Wiktor's (Wojciech Kuliński) ominous prediction that Dr. Lisicka is not fully mentally competent will come true. Her morbid jealousy will become unbearable.

On that day, Beniamin will join Doctor Górska at the “Kroplówka” bar, to simply ask her about the fate of one of her patients. It's bad luck that Wanda will see them together. At the sight of her husband in the company of her friend, she will stop dead in her tracks, he frowns angrily before finally backing out of the bar.

– I was in Kroplówka. You were so focused on her that you didn't see me – she will later accuse her cardiologist husband.

– Oh, that's it. I'll explain everything to you! – Benjamin will ensure.

Britney (Paulina Zwierz) and Zdzisław (Jarosław Gruda) will exchange meaningful glances.

– What is there to explain? – Wanda, as angry as a wasp, will rhetorically ask.

– Do you maintain very close relationships with every doctor in Leśna Góra? – he hisses extremely maliciously.

– She's just a friend… – Benio will try to explain calmly.

– “Friend” Górska, who is said to have had some affairs here! Pathetic… – says Lisicka.

– I'm in a hurry – he will add, and then actually leave.

– Baby! – Benio will follow her.

LHowever, stubborn and confident in her judgment, Wanda will not stop. Benio will be stunned. Britney and Zdziś will look at him with sympathy.

Will Vick be able to withstand his wife's morbid jealousy? Will his marriage with Wanda survive?

We would like to inform you that the 581st episode of “Na Signale” will be broadcast on Monday, May 27 at 21.55 on TVP2.