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Maciej Luśnia is dead. Friends say goodbye to the deceased actor

Maciej Luśnia graduated from the State Theater School in Krakow. He played on theater stages for years – he made his debut in 1992 at the Stary Theater in Krakow, with which he was associated until 2004. During his career, Luśnia starred in such film productions as “Death Like a Slice of Bread”, “Little Rose”, “Polityka”, “Pętla”, “The Invisible War”, “Irena's Oath”. We could often see the actor in guest roles in many Polish series – “For better and for worse”, “Friends”, “Father Mateusz”, “Colors of Happiness”.

Marcin Luśnia was also a lecturer at the SPOT Acting School for twenty years (1998-2018).

Maciej Luśnia died at the age of 55. The actor's death was reported by the website The official profile of the Krakow Komedia Theater said goodbye to the artist.

“With great sadness and We regretfully received the news of the tragic death of our Friend and Actor – Maciej Luśnia. Dear Maciek, our hearts have broken into millions of pieces, we will miss you. We share the pain with the family,” we read on Facebook.

“We say goodbye to you with your beloved poet Wyspiański and a fragment from “Wyzwolenie”: “I loved this land with madness and with burning desire I possessed it with my body! I am in every person, I live in every heart”.

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