Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

New production by Ruben Östlund. To shoot the movie, he bought a real Boeing 747

Ruben Östlund is a two-time winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes festival. The filmmaker from Sweden triumphed in Cannes with his films “The Square” from 2017 and “In a triangle” (2022). He was also awarded the jury award for the film “Tourist” from 2014.

The creator is currently working on the film “The Entertainment System Is Down” and he would like to show it in 2026 at the Cannes festival, which is extremely lucky for him.

The film's cast is impressive! Ruben Östlund gathered such stars as: Keanu Reeves, Kirsten Dunst, Daniel Brühl, Nicholas Braun, Samantha Morton and Joel Edgerton.

The film takes place during a multi-hour intercontinental plane flight. When the system that provides entertainment to passengers fails on board, including: the opportunity to watch movies, they have to face terrifying boredom. There are tensions and not necessarily funny, but also grotesque situations.

All we know is that Kirsten Dunst and Daniel Brühl will play a married couple in crisis. The remaining roles are shrouded in mystery.

For the purposes of making the film “The Entertainment System Is Down” Ruben Östlund and his producer, Erik Hemmendorff, they bought a real Boeing 747. The creators revealed that the plane will be located on a special plot of land and preparing it for production will take 70 days.

Shooting for the film will begin in early 2025.