Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

No, this is not Sławomir. Mr. Savyan and his mustache invite you to Valentine’s Day (“City of Love”)

As we read in the description, “City of love” (check!) is an ironic ballad for Valentine’s Day, permeated with the spirit of the 80s and 90s, inspired by a series of albums such as ‘Platinum Romantic Hits vol. 20’ and music videos from VHS cassettes. Mr. Savyan invites you to go back to the times when clocks stopped while slow dancing on the dance floor and your heart beat faster while waiting for romantic adventures. And garlic was sold by the kilogram, not by the piece – but that’s a topic for another song.

The recording won the hearts of Internet users, who outdo each other in praising comments, referring to the lyrics of the song, which include phrases about “the president of the city of love” and “a meeting at the pleasure office”, where there are no queues and “everyone is number one”.

“May we have such a president one day. I wish this for Poland”, “It is the most beautiful song about love in the history of mankind”, “After the appearance of this song, the number of divorces around the world will definitely decrease,” we read.

It is also the second single from the nostalgic series “Songs for You and Your Mommy”. Earlier, we learned about an internet hit “In Color of Amaretto” (check!), which the creator decided to submit to the Polish pre-selection for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Mr. Savyan is a singer and comedian who excels in the comedy pop genre. He started his career in Poland in 2023, and despite the fact that Polish is not his native language, his TikTok videos gain millions of views. He has over 34,000 followers on this platform. fans. As he himself points out, his goal is to perform at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw.

Dima Savyan comes from Belarus and spent the last few years in Kiev (Ukraine). His paternal grandmother was of Polish descent.